On a very basic level, it is almost impossible to underestimate just how important it is to own the right pair of shoes or cleats if you play soccer on a regular basis. If you’re on the market for a new pair after getting ample use out of an old one, or if you’re looking to make your first real purchase, fear not... we’ve got you.

Here are some pointers that will help you understand the importance of owning the right pair of soccer shoes or cleats, and how you can go about securing some of your own!
Why Picking The Right Pair Means Everything
1. Picking the right pair of soccer shoes allows you to define your own personal playing style, whatever that may be.
2. The more comfortable your cleats are, the better you’ll play.
3. There are different cleats for different kinds of players. Midfielders, for instance, will need a shoe that allows them to run constantly up and down the field, and do it comfortably, while goalkeepers should be looking for cleats that offer ample traction.
4. There are different fabrics used in the manufacturing of assorted soccer footwear items that will affect the player’s ability to perform. Natural leather, for instance, is still widely utilized by many elite footwear companies, while popular brands like Nike and Adidas seem more comfortable embracing the idea of synthetic leather.
The Science Of Footwear
Contemporary soccer footwear exists at the intersection of force-plate technology and the highest levels of advanced design. The entire reason that your favorite shoe costs so much, apart from brand-name recognition, is that this pricing tier allows for whoever makes the decision to purchase or wear said shoes to play the game of soccer at a fundamentally higher level.

As such, there are constant developments being made in the field of footwear, ones that anyone in the market for a pair of soccer shoes should be aware of. The range of materials used in the manufacturing of these shoes is expanding: thermo nylon studs are now employed for kinetic movement, while angled studs allow for greater contraction and control during game play.
What To Look For In A Pair Of Shoes/Cleats
The main thing you want to be looking for in a shoe, primarily, is comfort. The ideal soccer cleat should be sturdy, fleet, and above all, comfy. Really, it shouldn’t feel that bulky on your feet… if that’s the case, you might want to re-think the sizing. If anything, soccer shoes/cleats should hug your feet… you should barely be able to feel that they’re there. It’s all about optimizing traction and speed, and staying in control of the ball and also your own body.

Remember to keep in mind what surface you’ll be playing on. For instance, firm ground soccer shoes are primarily used outside, on grass fields, while hard ground shoes can be used in indoor arenas. Indoor soccer shoes also frequently resemble the build of soccer sneakers, while there are soft ground models more overtly designed to play in harsh (i.e. muddy) natural conditions.