As per the latest trending headlines in Nigeria, former President Goodluck Jonathan has further urged the National Assembly to make sure the local governments are getting autonomous. He has argued that the third tier of government must be empowered so as to generate all the revenue.

Then again, President Jonathan said that if he were a member of the National Assembly, then he would be able to mobilize the members so as to amend sections of the 1999 construction that would prohibit the appointment of local government leaders. Then again, the employees or the NULGE have visited him Otuoke which is his country home in the Bayelsa state. Jonathan, the President has again said that: “The problem with Nigeria is that our local government structure is still very weak."

“Regardless of the restructuring we're talking about, eventually Nigerians need to sit down to discuss and the issue of LGA autonomy needs to be considered. “As long as we have weak local governments, we would have difficulty managing this country. “As it is now, the person running the state runs the LGAs, and that makes the whole concept of third tiers government nonsense. “The president should run the nation. Governors should run the states and the chairman should have the ability to preside over the local councils.

And then again, he said that until we can do that, it will be very much difficult so as to influence the people who are on the ground. Furthermore, only through the local councils that can be the dividends of democracy and then again uniformly penetrate that to the society. On that same note, we need to all then stand up for this same right without any delay.

He said, “If I were in the Senate, I would have mobilized members to make sure we amend the Constitution to prohibit the appointment of leaders for local government. “The issue of appointment now makes the local council seem like part of the state's governance structure, but it shouldn't. “This is an abuse of democracy. This appointment system has made the presidents of the Council the governor's adjutants, and we must advise against it. "

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