If you’ve been keeping up with the Bitcoin circuit, then you’ve probably heard of the Bitcoin games trend that’s picked up traction recently. While most people think that the only reason to get into Bitcoin is the profit opportunities, the popular cryptocurrency offers plenty of things to keep users interested. 

With gaming now being one of the most practiced activities worldwide, it makes sense that this trend is on the rise and dominating the Bitcoin scene. If you’re thinking of giving Bitcoin games a fair shot, here are a few core things you should consider before going for it.

Entertainment Value
It would be silly to overlook the entertainment aspect of this trend, especially since it has games in its title. When video games are in question, most of us think of the modern PC and console titles that boast insanely realistic graphics, complex gameplay, and rich stories. Bitcoin games are nothing like this. While it might disappoint some users, Bitcoin games are inspired by old-school titles, especially arcade games. They’re fast-paced, colorful, and carry a tinge of nostalgia that makes them instant favorites for users who grew up playing similar titles.

The good thing about Bitcoin games is the diversity that comes with them. Unlike some game categories, they aren’t one-note. Bitcoin games come in all shapes and sizes, with different gameplay styles, controls, and themes. Just like with classic video games, users can choose Bitcoin games in several genres that range anywhere from horror and fantasy to dress-up and puzzle games. There’s never a lack of choice when Bitcoin games are in question, so no matter what you’re into, we don’t doubt that there’s a Bitcoin game out there perfectly tailored to your taste.

Profit Opportunities
One of the biggest selling points of Bitcoin games isn’t the top-notch entertainment they provide, it’s the chance to earn some Bitcoin! Granted, if that’s what you’re after, you might want to look into other options. A better laidback alternative to Bitcoin games is automated trading software like the Yuan Pay Group. These apps make trading easy by using advanced AI algorithms to do the hard work for you. You can get things set up with just a few minutes of tinkering a day, and best of all, you don’t need any crypto trading experience or knowledge to get started!

Unlike options such as automated trading, Bitcoin games aren’t very profitable. While it is true that users can earn Bitcoin payments as rewards for advancing through the game, these payments are small. Still, every little bit counts, and considering how Bitcoin games are free to play, they can be a great starting point for users that don’t want to invest anything other than time into Bitcoin. If you’re a fan of the entertainment value Bitcoin games have, then these profits are just a nice bonus!

Ad Placements
You might be a bit confused on how ad placements are a core part of this trend, but the answer is pretty simple. Since Bitcoin games are free-to-play browser titles, the websites that host them need to make an income to reward hard-working players. Unfortunately, the way these websites do this is by hosting ads. While most of the time internet ads are a minor annoyance, ads on Bitcoin games can be a major buzzkill. 

Ads in Bitcoin games are often loud, flashy, and random. They can take up a big part of the screen, and at times, even obscure some parts of the game! The obtrusive nature of these ads can put a damper on the gameplay experience and turn many people off of Bitcoin games. On top of this, the ads played on these websites aren’t exactly at the same level as legendary Super Bowl commercials. Most of the time, they’re the type of embarrassing ads that make you want to turn off your device.