Giving praise to employees is a leadership technique that is all the rage right now. With more millennials joining the workforce, the social etiquette and work culture in most workplaces is changing. Team-based approaches and reward strategies are integrated to keep employees motivated and doing their best. In this article, we offer ways to reward a great coworker so that your business and your cherished employee both stay on top of their game! 

Say Thanks in Public

Reward a coworker for a job well done by simply saying “thank you” in front of everyone else in the office. Not only does this signify your appreciation for their hard work, but it also gives them attention and credibility among the team. If going out of your way to say thank you in person is too formal, consider an email blast to show your appreciation. You’ll still get your thanks out there with the added attention that will boost your coworker’s confidence and rapport with team members. 

Offer Paid Time Off

What better way to reward a hardworking employee than by giving bonus vacation days? Self-care is starting to be extended to the workplace as well and offering time off would show your appreciation and care for the employee. Much-needed time off will also boost the employee’s work ethic and give your company even more, to be grateful for once they return with a well-rested work mindset. 

“Employee of the Month’ Signs and Engraved Plaques

Take their picture and post it on your employee of the month board. This reward works regardless of your place of work. From burger joints to offices, your employee will appreciate your recognition and be motivated to continue working with the same drive. Offices might choose to go for engraved plaques rather than a thumbtack picture. Plus, your employee can take the plaque home with them as a token of your appreciation, visit site to get a great plaque for your employee. 

Send Small Gifts

Reward your employee with small gestures that say thank you all on their own. A dinner voucher for your employee and their partner, a gift card to a coffee shop, or even tickets to a show make great gifts for hard-working employees. You might also consider paying for any commuting fees that come up for work-related travel. A gift card to a gas station is also appropriate, especially for employees who regularly commute to get to the office. 

Make Featured Posts

If your business runs a blog, have your star employee featured on a guest post. The credibility and attention they receive will show them just how grateful you are for their efforts and for having them on as part of the team. 

The Bottom Line 

You don’t need to do anything drastic to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Small gifts and thank-you’s go a long way in your attempt to reward your coworkers for their hard work. Stick to these ideas, and your employees will be just as grateful as you are.