Whenever a subject is introduced in the market people always become curious about The authenticity, credibility and most importantly security  of that particular element. 

People started between cryptocurrency at the time when they were facing a huge depression due to bankruptcy of 2008 and they were in the search of a platform where they can invest with full security and full proof management. At the time a white paper journal was sent which was introduced as a  platform of electronic cash system that can work in end to end encryption without the involvement of any third party in it.

No Central control

This idea sounds amazing to many people but their number one concern was who is controlling the Bitcoin cryptocurrency Network and where is the authority. Well , the answer to this question  was very upsetting for many people because in Bitcoin cryptocurrency there was no one who could have the authority to regulate a rule in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency networking system. Bitcoin cryptocurrency was supposed to work in a decentralized manner where no 1 can be involved in the transactions that are made through this platform. This statement is pretty self explanatory why Bitcoin is called a cryptocurrency because it works in an encryption method then this encryption is decoded by the person who is receiving that specific Bitcoin.

Risks associated

When you talk about the potential risk that is associated with using Bitcoin cryptocurrencies we should always keep in mind that everything has risks and hazards but it is highly dependent on the strategy adopted by the user that how he tackles these. Same is is applicable to Bitcoin cryptocurrency where you can invest your money but you should always be careful because if you invest more than you can afford to lose then you are done. Always invest in a promotion that can be affordable for you if you unfortunately lose it. 


Hacking and other malicious activities is another major risk factor that is associated with using Bitcoin cryptocurrency but again it is very tough to hack something like Bitcoin that works in end to end encryption. We have seen that this happened in 2017 when a certain amount of Bitcoins was hacked by hackers but now Bitcoin has become a more sustainable and reputed platform that is why the security of bitcoin cryptocurrencies has also been enhanced. To avoid malicious activity it is very important to keep a check on your Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet either they are cold wallets or hot wallets. When you will keep a check on your Bitcoins wallets and your digital money then it is less likely for hackers to hack your cryptocurrency because whenever an unusual activity will occur you will immediately notice it. Bitcoins need attention and they love when you deal them with care so never leave your Bitcoins abundant otherwise you can face some drastic effects. If you want to learn how Bitcoin cryptocurrency can be made more secure for its users then we will suggest you to visit and read at bitcoin prime.


The concept of decentralization has made Bitcoin cryptocurrency favourite of a number of individuals however there are also some people who take this concept as a threat to their security because they think that third parties can control the actions taken on Bitcoin cryptocurrency e leading to a more secure service. The reality is that decentralization of Bitcoin cryptocurrency falls in the favour of users of Bitcoins because it is the assurity of your privacy and security. And if you talk about the regulation  then you should know that all the transactions that are done  between two Bitcoins users are stored for ever and ever on the blockchain networking system. The Bitcoin blockchain system makes sure that your identity remains anonymous but the transaction details are always uploaded for the sake of avoiding duplication or other malicious activities in the Bitcoin networking platform. 

Public and private keys

Whenever you use Bitcoin you are allotted two keys one is the public key and the other is the private key. The private key of Bitcoins is more like an ATM card code that is only visible to you and when you send your Bitcoin is coded by you through this number. Now the person who is receiving your Bitcoin will encode this Bitcoin by using his private key. In this way there is no chance that any other person can and gold that Bitcoin because it is linked between two  people. The public and private keys make it show that your Bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions are secure and safe. The address of the sender is not always visible to the receiver however it is an optional mark that you can use.

Bottom Line

Your experience with Bitcoin cryptocurrency will depend on the type of strategy that you will adopt to operate the Bitcoin networking system because everything in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network is under the control of Bitcoin users. Heading towards the end we will want to suggest you to stay alert about your Bitcoins and to use them in a proper and wise manner. It is very important to double check every transaction that you made so that you can avoid duplication or other unfortunate events.