Steroids, technically referred to as anabolic-androgenic steroids (AASs), are synthetic testosterone. They can be used as a supplement to either substitute or augment the body's natural testosterone levels.

Testosterone (T) is a male-specific hormone. The average male's body contains between 300 and 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) of this hormone.

Testosterone is best known for altering the male body during puberty, deepening the voice, and increasing body hair. Additionally, it stimulates the development of sperm in the testicles.

Additionally, the female body also produces testosterone. Do not forget to read our Crazy bulk Reviews article will be very useful to you. However, it is usually present in trace quantities, where it is used to maintain bone strength and sexual function.

Additionally, having testosterone levels that are higher than average, as a result of steroid use, can aid in the production of proteins that support:

1. muscle development
2. development of hair
3. sexual organs
4. bone mineral density

That is why steroids are associated with bodybuilders and other athletes. It is believed that the more anabolic steroids one uses, the greater the capacity for strength and muscle development. That is why these substances are often referred to as performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). One of these substances is clenbuterol for sale which is a steroid that is sold in the market today.

What Purpose Do Anabolic Steroids Serve?

When used properly, steroids are not necessarily harmful. They serve several health and athletic functions, including the following:

1. Gaining muscle mass as a result of increased protein output in the body (about 4.5 to 11 pounds)
2. Reducing your body fat level on an average basis
3. Muscle strength and endurance development
4. Increasing the density of the bones.
5. Increased development of red blood cells.
6. Enhance performance in sports requiring muscle, such as weightlifting.
7. Combining steroids with other substances, such as growth hormones and insulin, to boost muscle mass.
8. Preserving muscle mass when suffering from a disorder such as liver disease or cancer that causes the muscles to deteriorate.


Following are the advantages of Anabolic steroids;

Reduced recovery time
 It is well-known that those who use Anabolic steroids experience a significant reduction in their recovery time. Previously, we discussed cortisol and its effects on the body, including muscle tissue damage and a reduction in the time required for the human body and muscles to recover. When the body is stressed, anabolic steroids often control the body's cortisol output. This assists in the speeding up of rehabilitation from injuries and muscle damage, allowing for improved endurance when exercising.
Increased muscle size 
This is one of the most well-known anabolic steroid effects. Anabolic steroids either stimulate an increase in testosterone levels or, in the case of synthetic testosterone, allow for increased testosterone entry into the body. Testosterone is required for muscle development. Though muscles will continue to develop without exercise, exercise and preparation will yield dramatic results.
Reduced body fat 
Anabolic Steroids have been shown to reduce body fat due to an increased metabolic rate. Additionally, some scientists claim that steroids can oxidize fat, a process known as lipid oxidation. This is a reference to the use of fatty acids in the production of energy.
Treatment of a variety of medical conditions
 As previously stated, Anabolic steroids were initially used to treat patients suffering from muscle atrophy caused by disease or for individuals in need of additional testosterone to boost their lack of libido or facilitate puberty in individuals who are unable to do so naturally.
Development of Red blood cells
Anabolic Steroids have been shown to increase the development of red blood cells. Red blood cells are in charge of transporting oxygen across the body to all tissues and organs. Increased oxygen delivery to the muscles enables them to work harder and over more extended periods of time. As a result, several endurance athletes employ anabolic steroids that produce these results.
Increased performance 
Anabolic Steroids improve performance by providing the patient with increased endurance and energy. They will then drive themselves to new heights.
Increased Appetite

Appetite is improved due to an increased metabolic rate (the rate at which your body converts certain compounds such as sugar, fat, and other foods into energy).

How Anabolic Steroids Are Abused?

Many people who use anabolic steroids recreationally consume far more than what is normally prescribed for medicinal purposes. This is particularly true if the steroids are present in high concentrations in a supplement or injection.

They can also be risky if they are misused:

Cycling: It refers to the practice of taking a significant dose of steroids and then abstaining for a period of time before resuming use.
Stacking: Using several types of steroids concurrently or using various delivery methods (like injections and supplements together)
Pyramiding: Beginning with small doses and gradually increasing them, followed by a reduction in dosage.
Plateauing: Abruptly switching to another steroid to prevent the current one from being ineffective and then switching back

Certain individuals may become accustomed to the sense of strength or stamina that steroids provide and develop a dangerous addiction.

Are There Any Safe Anabolic Steroid Alternatives?

There are numerous healthy, natural methods for achieving the efficiency, strength, and bulk you desire:

Consume a balanced diet high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats—incorporate foods such as eggs, seafood, Greek yogurt, and grains such as quinoa.
Concentrate on various muscle classes. Concentrate on a single muscle group, such as the biceps, triceps, or quads, during a single workout. For the best long-term performance, alternate between muscle classes.
Establish a regular workout routine. Utilize a wellness app or hire a personal trainer to help you stay on track and accountable if you're attempting to lose weight, gain muscle, or compete.

Note: Steroids, whether legal steroids or not, are never the optimal solution for muscle growth or fitness. They may have a variety of adverse effects that could jeopardize whatever progress you've made and have long-term health implications.

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Mostly Athletes and Bodybuilders use Anabolic steroids in order to boost their performance and results. They are aware of the several side effects associated with its use. But still they are far too obsessive on achieving a fully transformed body in a short period of time.

Following are some of the reasons why do they use Anabolic steroids;

Massive muscle mass gains. 
Increased endurance.
Reduced time required for rehabilitation between exercise sessions. 
Testosterone levels were increased.