Personal hygiene should be important to everyone. It’s more than just showing you care about how you appear to others. Looking after your personal hygiene can actually positively influence your confidence levels. It also makes it more pleasant for everyone to share an office space. That increases the satisfaction you get from being at work which improves your life quality. 

The good news is that maintaining personal hygiene is easier than you think.

Staff Bathrooms

The first step is to make sure that your employer is offering the appropriate facilities. That means taking a look in your bathroom. You want to see individual stalls, several sinks, mirrors, hot water, and, most importantly rubbish and sanitary bins. There are plenty of companies supplying sanitary bins Sydney, your employer should ensure all the necessary facilities are in place.

Don’t forget to make sure there are plenty of paper towels and toilet paper. 

Having these on hand means you can freshen up whenever you feel the need to. It’s a good way to look, smell, and feel fresh at all times of the day.

Cleaning Your Workspace

It’s not just you that needs to be kept clean! You also need to take pride in your desk area. It should be tidy and wiped down at least once a day with a disinfectant wet wipe. This will prevent grime from building up.

If you do it daily the process takes a few moments. Leave it and you’ll find it takes considerably longer and is less appealing to do.

Just as the bathroom needs a bin, so does your desk area. Make sure you use it to eliminate unwanted items. This will help to keep your desk space clean and tidy, helping your colleagues to feel comfortable approaching you and your desk. You never know when they, or you, may need assistance. 


Good personal hygiene at work starts with getting it right at home. That means showering regularly, brushing or styling your hair every morning, and making an effort to look and smell nice.

It’s often said that you should only take care of yourself to satisfy yourself. While this is generally true, when you work in an office you need to be aware of your co-workers. That means taking the time to look good, it will make a big difference to how others see you at work.

Don’t forget that it’s important to use deodorant regularly. This will help to deal with any perspiration issues. 

Oral Hygiene 

You can look fantastic, dressed in designer gear with a hint of some exotic scent. But, if you haven’t taken care of your oral hygiene people won’t go near you. That’s why it’s important to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once, and even use mouthwash. 

Your colleagues will be grateful for your minty fresh breath, especially when compared to what it could be.

Looking after your personal hygiene is more than just preventing your colleagues from complaining. It shows you care about yourself and others, making you a person worth knowing!