With more than 2 million households in America now utilizing solar energy, you might be asking yourself 'why is solar energy important and why are people making the switch?'

Solar energy is considered an environmentally-friendly energy source. While it may not be an unlimited energy source, there is still plenty to last for the next billion years.

Here is why solar energy is important and why you should consider switching.

Sustainable Energy Source

Solar paneling benefits start with the fact that they are friendly to the environment. The main reason for this will be the fact that energy companies do not have to rely on natural gas or oil as their main energy source that they provide you with.

These are limited resources that are being used at amounts that are not sustainable. Natural gas and oil also play a part in the rising levels of pollution.

The solar energy put off from the sun will happen regardless of whether we use it or not, so it makes sense to utilize an energy source that will burn no matter what.

Saves Customers Money

One of the benefits of solar energy for the customer will be the fact that it often saves money for them, depending on where you live. The more sun your area gets, the more likely you are to have a $0 energy bill.

When you start using solar energy, you're still using the electric companies energy, but you're storing and providing your own to offset what you use. If you store and provide more than you use, then you don't have to pay anything on your bill.

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Saves Space

This falls into an environmental category as well, but when you switch to solar, you're also saving unnecessary land usage.

You already have a home with a roof that you can add solar panels to. You utilize the land that you've already built upon, rather than electric companies needing to acquire more space for their operations.

Lower Tax Bill

A lower tax bill isn't something you would think falls under the benefits of solar panels, but it certainly does.

With the extension of the federal tax credit, you're able to continue to write off 26% of your solar energy installation cost on your federal taxes. This extension lasts until the end of 2022, where it will then move down to 22% for 2023.

Why Is Solar Energy Important? It Helps the Earth

So, why is solar energy important for you and the environment? You get to save money and lower your tax bill every year, while also utilizing an energy source that doesn't negatively impact the environment. You already have a house built, why not maximize the potential that land has.

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