Duncan William is one of those extraordinary performers who has managed to pivot from live event performances to become one of the UK’s most popular online magicians and is a highly sought-after virtual magician. 

So what is a virtual magic show?
A virtual magic show is a relatively new term to describe online magic performances or magic shows which are most frequently delivered over the internet. Duncan has been a professional in-person magician for the past 15 years, it is only the past couple of years where he has been performing his virtual magic show to audiences around the world.

Some of the people who hire him range from families organising social get-togethers over zoom or corporate clients holding an awards ceremony or conference. Duncan’s online magic show is tailored to each group and is not simply a replication of his live magic show but an incredible, interactive performance tailored to an online audience. You can expect to have your mind read and take part in the routines yourself with some even happening in your own hands. 

So when do people hire Duncan to perform as a close up or stage magician?
Duncan is frequently hired to perform at weddings with brides and grooms hiring him to entertain their guests whilst they are having their wedding photos taken. Other popular times during the day are over the wedding breakfast, after the dessert has been eaten where there is a lull in the day or for the evening guests. 

Duncan sometimes performs his wedding show alongside his mix and mingle  act and is a 40 minute interactive show in front of everyone ensuring that the wedding day is as special as it possibly can be.

When Duncan isn’t performing his online magic show, he can be hired as a magician Nottingham or magician London. For his live events, Duncan performs as a professional magician and can be hired as both a close-up magician and an after-dinner magician. He is regularly hired to perform his exquisite blend of sophisticated close-up magic and mind reading.

Does Duncan also perform for business events?
Duncan is also frequently hired to perform at business events, with clients booking him to mix and mingle between clients during the drinks reception. Corporate events come in a range of different options from conferences, parties to award ceremonies and from Xmas parties to staff dinners.

He is also regularly hired to perform his interactive after dinner show which can be performed in front of everyone. This is perfect for groups as small as just a handful of guests or as many as 2,000. The act is fully self-contained and has received amazing reviews throughout the corporate world.

Whilst Duncan may not have performed on shows such as TV shows around the world it is his reviews from the real genuine clients and people who see his live magic which set him apart. TV can frame anything in any way that it desires but if you watch Duncan’s YouTube clips, read his reviews online and even give him a call on the phone or even meet up for a free demonstration, you can be assured you are hiring the  correct magician for your event. 

You can find out more via Duncan’s website www.magicduncan.co.uk and give him a call or use the contact form to check if he is available and get a quote.