Body hair is a natural growing part of human body and it can grow in some very unwanted places. And removing them from these parts can be very irritating, itching and all the bad feelings combined. 

Among men, having body hair, is a symbol of manliness and pride, but it does not go same for all men. Some men don’t like body hair – it does not question their manliness. If you want to get rid of body hair, then try the following and let us know which technique and method worked best for you.

1. Laser Hair Removal: another painless hair removal technology that has created a massive hype among men. This is the only kind of technique that a guy can get for the hair removal from sensitive areas without fearing pain or blood. 

If you cannot or don’t want go to the clinic, then there is good news, there are many companies who offer the service of home laser hair removal for men’s privates. Read this article by One Spot Beauty about laser hair removal.

2. Plucking: this can be super painful but it can prevent even the most stubborn hair from growing for long period of time. How? Plucking gets your hair right from the root which prevents the hair from growing instantly.

3. Shaving: if you don’t want to opt for a painful method then shaving is the best option for you. Though you will have to shave every alternate day. You skin can become hard and the hair type will become hard as well but you will be avoiding the painless if you don’t cut yourself.

4. Hair Removal Cream for Men: this product was only limited for women but men should be thanking their stars because there are now different hair removing creams for men. There are different types of them so, choose according to your skin type. You can also use facial hair removal creams for face, read this article.

5. Male Threading: lets come to the painful method but the most common hair removal technique. It is also the oldest and most effective kind of way of removing men’s hard hair. You can thread the facial hair only – trying threading on different parts of body can be devastatingly unbearably painful. 

6. Electrolysis: this is the most expensive yet, latest type of hair removal for men. This is the kind of technique that will permanently remove your hair and you will be visiting the doctor more than many times. This treatment will be done for 15 to 30 minutes and this treatment will be done for a year if your hair keeps coming back.

7. Waxing for Men: this is another thing that is now common among men’s hair removal which was basically for women in the first place. It will slow down the growth of your body hair but it is super painful.

8. Trimmer: yet another painless solution for removing hair but you can only remove chest and belly hair from this device. It can be bought from anywhere and it comes with many features depending upon the price and company.