Traveling can be one of the most liberating experiences ever. Some people discover new parts of their personality they never knew about before, while others go back home with a story to tell. Either way, there's no doubt that traveling has a significant impact on your life.

When it comes to traveling, where you travel and who you travel with really matters. Traveling with friends and family can be a fascinating experience. Sharing the same adventures, embracing new cultures together can be extremely satisfying. However, traveling solo is the real deal! You can truly experience the carefree aspect of the trip in its fullness if you travel alone and don't have to worry about your folks. The freedom to wake up, eat, and go wherever, and do whatever TF you want! A truly liberating experience.

If you are considering a trip and can't decide whether to go alone or with a group, this article might help you. Here are four perks of traveling solo to get your adrenaline pumped.

The freedom to stay wherever you like

When traveling with other people, you need to keep their opinions in mind as well. You might differ on where to stay during the trip, and it would be best to come to a unanimous compromise to ensure that everyone is happy on the trip. An understandable social dynamic of wanting harmony within the group may dampen the experience's thrill for you.

Traveling alone means you can stay just about anywhere you want. Be it a seven-star resort or a cheap Air BnB. However, the choice really depends on where you're headed. For instance, if you're a trekker and love to go to popular sites such as the Grand Smoke Trails, renting comfy Pigeon Forge cabins would be your best bet. And since you'd be traveling solo, you wouldn't have to debate over this with anyone else!

You save money

Traveling with others might seem smart because you split the costs for certain things; however, you might unknowingly end up spending more in reality. Depending on where you are traveling, you may end up paying more for double beds, shared meals, and transport. When local guides and sellers see travelers in a group, they tend to jack up their prices to earn more.

Moreover, if you are alone, you have the freedom to live below your means and tough it out if you have to. A sense of struggle on the trip might make the experience even better. Saving money is a goal that just about everyone has when they are planning on a travel vacation. It can be yours too if you choose to travel solo.

A chance to meet the locals

One of the most satisfying parts of traveling to new places is meeting the locals. People of other cultures can teach you a lot. It is up to you to give them a chance and learn a thing or two from them when traveling.

However, if you have people traveling with you, your knack for adventure and exploring culture is limited by what everyone else wants to do. The more substantial likelihood is that you will continue to spend time with your group and won't branch out. Kind of a bummer, we think.

Humans are such that they would tend to their immediate social interactions before establishing new ones. Therefore, there is a strong chance that you won't get to meet the locals if you are traveling with other people. Hence the reason you should consider a solo tour instead! Meet new people; you might not get this time again. 

Discover yourself

Travel has a way of showing you what's essential in life. Once you get away from your hometown, you realize how big the world is and that you live in a bubble that you've created for yourself. You see new cultures meet new people, and experience what it's like to be away from the city you grew up in.

Moreover, you get time to be yourself. You get to fully experience your personality, which you might have been holding back in your neighborhood because the social dynamics dictate it. Traveling can free you from social stigmas and let your experience the here and now to the fullest. 


From therapeutic release to cost-effectiveness, traveling alone can be an incredibly gratifying experience which everyone should try at least once. There's nothing wrong with traveling in a group or as a couple. However, it would be best if you tried to get in at least one solo tour on your own to derive the benefits that we talked about in this article.

If these perks resonate with you, then go ahead and make your travel plans. The entire world is looking for 2021 to a hopeful year; you should do the same! Plan a trip to your dream destination. Traveling is an experience you rarely regret, so commit to it now!