A really good disaster kit will anticipate your needs, for any kind of catastrophic event. You’ve decided to plan ahead. You may, someday, be very happy that you realized that not everything is lost when your kit is stocked appropriately!

What Is In A Disaster Kit

A disaster kit is a survival kit that is available for you to carry away and use in the event of a cataclysmic event. It should provide for the basic needs of one person, or of a small group (your immediate family), for an indeterminate amount of time. 

Imagine the basic needs you have. By “needs”, I don’t mean “a pack of smokes”, or some other frivolous item that would be nice to have if you’re bored and need to kill 24 hours time. I mean items that are essential for a human being to stay alive outside, in the elements. 

Having some cigarettes is a nice luxury if you smoke, and you might actually want to put a pack or two into your disaster kit. However, before the cigarettes are even considered, there are dozens of essential items that need to be packed first. For instance: your first item might be a sharp knife if your main concern is protecting yourself from others. If you are concerned about living outdoors in the blistering cold, your first item might be a very reliable way to start a fire. 

A combination of versatile survival items is the basis of many disaster kits. Anticipating the situation at hand is essential, of course. Packing a disaster kit intended for becoming deserted in the middle of a large body of water when an ocean vessel capsizes is much different than packing a disaster kit intended for potentially becoming stranded in high altitudes that are notorious for tremendous amounts of snowfall.

Be Prepared

Being prepared is easier than ever now that there are services out there to sell pre-made disaster kits for many different scenarios. Disaster kits for urban settings in the event of an earthquake cover all of the bases of a modern disaster zone. Similarly, other kits are available for any number of situations.

Stealth Angel is an amazing place to gather all the needs a survivalist is looking for to stock up for a disaster situation. Portable, durable items are available individually, to build your own kit. If you would rather let the experts make up a kit for you, those are available as well. Packed in durable, portable packs, the items you and your closest loved ones might need in the event of the unspeakable are all there. 

Everything you need to stay secure, warm, and fed is tucked away in survival packs that range from natural disasters of any kind to kits made for being stranded in a car. Kits for families/groups come packed up to 10 packs for 10 people. Packs for pets are even available because we all know how much we love our pets, after all.

Most people are completely unprepared for a major disaster. We are all dependent on electricity, and without the luxury of a rural hideaway where we are able to store months of rations. People in major cities consider themselves completely vulnerable to a major disaster.

It's a great idea to at the minimum, store several days' worth of clean water and food in your closet or garage, to prepare a basic survival kit and formulate a plan for navigating your way out of the major metropolitan area you live in. 

Getting specific with your disaster kit is great - knowing that the odds are good that you will be leaving because of a hurricane, or an earthquake helps you to streamline some of the basic things besides food, water, and safety items that you might need.

To get started on your “bug-out kit”, as preppers call survival kits, visit stealthangelsurvival.com to peruse the amazing items they have gathered to ease your mind and help you to prepare for the worst-case scenario that we all hope will never happen… but might happen.