Everyone has a different definition of attractiveness. However, it's universally accepted that humans would rather be seen as attractive than unattractive. This doesn't depend on your sexual preference, dating life, or the type of car you drive (although that can play into it in some cases). Your underwear, though, can tell a different story. If you have male parts down under, it's in your best interest to keep reading. 

1. Pouch Underwear is Good at Being Funny
Pouch underwear works with humorous designs better than regular underwear. The ball-cradling contraption is not only ingenious, but it also holds the underwear's shape. Pizza, cats, and alien spacecraft fit on this garment like no other. Of course, you have to pick and choose what you find funny. Whether you choose a rooster crotch or classic stars and stripes, pouch underwear definitely has the ability to make your personality shine through your pants. Who doesn't want to be seen as funny? Have your potential mate laugh with your underwear, not at your underwear. 

2. You Look Better When You're Comfy
When you actually feel good in the clothes you're wearing, you'll automatically look better. Pouch underwear stops the fabric from bunching up and the goods from getting crushed. Try to keep a straight face when your gonads are being suffocated. Yeah, that gaze across the bar might have just been ruined. 

3. You Obviously Know What You Want 
You're more attractive when you know what you want. Your attractive level is simply off the charts when you go ahead and go for what you want. You know what you want? You want ball-cradling underwear. And you know what? You're going to go ahead and go for it. 

4. You Have a Legitimate Reason To Show Off Your Underwear
Consent is sexy. Always ask before you show someone your underwear. However, pouch underwear is just so cool that it might not seem as weird of a request. Heck, they may even ask you to see it first. Just make sure you consent, duh. 

5. Funky Patterns Hide Stains
Skid marks are for your childhood bedroom. You are doing your own laundry, right? Well, regardless of who is touching your dirty wares, moisture-wicking pouch underwear will hide any undesirables from sight. Even better, get some with a pattern if you're expecting a particularly burrito-filled week. 

6. Sweat Won't Ruin Your Vibe
Sweat is associated with a few things: stress, embarrassment, stinky odors, and working out. Exercise is the only real positive thing on that list. Make sure your sweat isn't making the first impression. The moisture-wicking of pouch undies controls sweat and keeps you dry. 

7. Now You are a Soft Boy
Body hair or not, there will always be someone with a different preference. Now, your underwear is always soft down there, even if you're not. 

8. Enhancements Don't Have To Be Cocky 
Grey sweatpants are great, but pouch underwear can make them better. The innovative ball cradle also has special enhancing powers. Yes, they are staring. If you don't like it, tell them to stop! If you do like it, you can thank your undergarments. 

9. You Can Do Splits
Well, the verdict is out on whether or not you, personally, can do a split. If you can, kudos to you, and you have the room to freely split anywhere you want with pouch underwear. If you don't think you can do splits, pouch underwear is not an invitation to try. It is not responsible for any injuries incurred while wearing and attempting gymnast-level feats beside your couch adorned with potato chip crumbs you just brushed off your shirt. 

10. You Have More Money for Dates
Pouch underwear doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, it's more affordable than most of its designer label counterparts. Some even come with a subscription plan that can save you time and money. You normally would have wasted time combing the aisles for an unopened pack of boring briefs. Spend those hours on super romantic dates with your special someone, instead. 

You may not care that everyone thinks you're attractive. Heck, you may not care if anyone thinks your attractive. Whatever your preference, pouch underwear is there to support you, literally.