Playing video games may not seem like a great indicator of what career path a person should follow, but there are actually many careers that are great for video game lovers. Gamers can put their skills to work designing or reviewing games, using their computer skills in different computer-related jobs and more.

Video Game Programmers
For many gamers getting to create their own games would be a dream come true. With enough knowledge of coding and design, that dream can be a reality. Creators can design games on their own and make them available on app stores and websites for various devices, or they can code games for video game companies.

Website Developer9
Computer buffs can work at a web development company creating websites for clients. They tailor the design and functionality to customers' needs. This job is great for people with intimate knowledge of computer operations and design trends.

Video Game Reviewer
Believe it or not, you can make a career out of reviewing video games. Some reviewers are hired by tech blogs, magazines or other publications to test new games and share their opinions. Other reviewers have made a name for themselves on websites such as YouTube and Twitch. They video or stream themselves playing and talking about games. After gaining followers and figuring out how to make money, they can earn ad revenue, earn donations, get paid through sponsorships, receive free products to test and more.

Software Developer
Software developers are needed for virtually every industry. They create unique software that fits the needs of their clients or employers. Some companies hire developers to work for them or you can work for a software development company and create products for a variety of clients. Software developers need to be skilled with computers and coding. Most software developers have degrees in computer engineering or computer science.

Video Game Artist
You can still work on video game designs even if in-depth coding isn't your thing. Video game artists create drawings and graphic designs of characters, props, scenes and other elements of games. They are responsible for how the game looks, giving each game its own unique style and appearance.

Video game writers can help create the stories and dialogue in games. Technical video game writers write the instructions and other documents that come with games. In some cases, writers may even unintentionally inspire video games by writing books, stories or movies. They may then be asked to help write the video game or simply be paid for the rights to use their storylines and characters in games.
Technical Support
Gamers may choose to work for the technical support departments of video game companies. These professionals respond to questions from the public, helping them troubleshoot problems they are having with games. They may also make notes of common issues and give them to the programming department to fix in software updates or future versions of games.
Audio Technicians
Audio technicians record the sounds you hear in video games. This can include music, sound effects and dialogue. They make sure the soundtracks fit the games perfectly, adjusting sounds until they're perfect.
Video Game Designers
Unlike programmers, video game designers don't usually work on the coding side of game development. Designers typically come up with the concepts for games and see them through to completion. They may be in charge of hiring and overseeing programmers, writers, audio technicians and artists. 
There are many careers in the video game and computer industries that are perfect for video game lovers. They can be video game programmers, website developers, video game reviewers, software developers, video game artists, writers, technical support workers, audio technicians, video game designers and more.