Hong Kong businessmen pay more attention to business ethics and credibility. In particular, it is based on honesty in operation and less fraud. Most of them are warm and kind. The tradition of emphasizing credibility and ethics in Chinese business culture occupies a large position in the way Hong Kong businessmen do business.

In Hong Kong, whether it is a store or a vendor, when doing business, they are very honest and disciplined. They are generally good value for money, and there are few fakes. They are honest in business, and the service is very attentive, so buying things in Hong Kong is more assured and will not be deceived. In business, they often rely on high-quality goods to win.

Hong Kong businessmen have done a great job at this point! A must-see for businessmen and entrepreneurs in the Mainland!

Hong Kong businessmen pay great attention to personal business ethics when negotiating business. They believe that business is done and profits are obtained from the goods and the reputation of the operators. When doing business, they always regulate themselves with the integrity of traditional Chinese business.

What Hong Kong businessmen believe in doing things in the business field is to say what they say, keep their promises, and never repent of what they have promised, otherwise they will be looked down upon, and there will be no way to continue doing them in the industry.

Honesty is a common rule followed by Hong Kong business community. Those businessmen who don't talk about credibility and cheat in business often end up betraying their relatives. Before agreeing to other people's things, Hong Kong businessmen often first measure whether they can do it with their own strength. Things that cannot be done will not be promised to others, and similarly, things that are promised must be done. They know that they are often subjectively required to re-promise and speak credit, but whether they can do it in detail does not entirely depend on their subjective wishes. In turn, this culture is the main reason why a lot of funding, such as technology voucher program funding, have met their targets.

Therefore, no matter when, where, and what the situation is, before agreeing to someone else to do something, you have to evaluate all the conditions for yourself, and you are not sure about it, and you will never rant. Only those things that you can be sure that you can definitely do it well or that you can do it through hard work, can you make a promise. Hong Kong businessmen know this very well, so they are careful when doing things and do not brag about themselves.

In the business arena, you must be credible to customers, to partners, to friends, and to those who do business with you. Trust your partners and friends. In addition to treating each other sincerely, keeping your promises, and making promises, you must also distinguish between feelings and business. You can't use affection in business. In the end, you will not only do bad business, you will also lose friends.

Hong Kong businessmen have done a good job on this point. They can be said to be generous in their friendship among friends, and their friendship is impeccable. But once they are in the business arena, they follow the rules completely. They rarely act like the merchants in the northeast and other places, and lose a lot of profits because of their friends. Hong Kong businessmen disdain for generosity for a while. They follow the rules in cooperating with their friends, and the necessary procedures will be done, and the money paid is not sloppy. In this way, it is actually a kind of trust in friends.