Not everyone is a Harley-Davidson mogul, but knowing how to avoid purchasing a turd bike is important if you want to invest in a Harley. It is an expensive bike, after all. 

So, what’s your first reaction when you walk up to a beautiful bike you just want to take home? The shine on the bike is outstanding, and that is exactly what you expect to see since it reflects proud ownership. However, if you want to look good on the bike, you had better take a closer look.

While it is not comprehensive, this guide can help you purchase a quality used Harley Davidson Fat Boy for sale QLD dealerships have today.

Look at the Overall Appearance

Clean motorbikes are happy motorbikes!

It’s critical for dealers of Harley Davidsons for sale in Australia to place a premium on maintaining communication with you. This includes divulging all the required details about the bike.

If you are interested in a restoration or project bike, you can just overlook some obvious finish flaws. If you are looking for a bike to ride the beaten path, expect a slightly rough look. Overall, you are the only one who can determine the cosmetic acceptability of the bike.

A close inspection can reveal whether the bike has just been cleaned to make the sale or if it’s been in a garage and pampered by an enthusiast. Make sure you look at the hard-to-reach areas that hide dirt. An enthusiast will take time to get into such places and maintain the bike in showroom condition. A fast cleaner will not do such a thorough cleaning job, hoping that you will not notice flaws in your excitement.

Check the Frame

Give the bike’s frame a thorough once-over visual inspection. Be on the lookout for cracks, dents, and scrapes. Put your hand on the frame and slide over as much of it as possible, you might feel something you cannot see.

Inspect the steering head bearings by rocking the bike back and forth while holding its front brake lever. Quality used Harleys for sale in Australia should not have any moving or clicking sounds. Otherwise, the steering head bearings might be worn or loose.

Inspect the Exhaust

Before you start the bike and listen to it roar, you must check the exhaust first. It’s best to inspect the bike while the engine is cold since a warm engine turns on easier. The best way is to call the Harley Davidson Fat Boy for sale QLD dealership to ask them not to run the engine before you arrive. 

For starters, you need to ensure that the exhaust is mounted properly. Since the bike’s exhaust system receives plenty of vibration from the engine, the pipe and mounts may fail. 

Secondly, there are portions of the exhaust that you may not have a clear sight of, but you can feel for signs of corrosion by running your hand on these parts. 

Moreover, you might hear sounds of exhaust leak when you first turn on the bike. 

Check the Wheels and Tyres

When checking used Harleys for sale Australia dealerships are offering, you should expect some smooth and even wear on the tyres. Severe wear on the centre third is a sign that the bike has been ridden for long distances or the rider has been practising burnouts. These are never good on the tyre and can cause unnecessary strain on the engine. 

As for the wheels, check for dents. Place the bike on its centre stand with neutral transmission and spin the rear wheel to look out for signs of wobbling. 

Where to Get a Good Deal

If you are going to purchase a second-hand bike, you are better off visiting an authorised Harley Davidson Fat Boy for sale QLD dealership. The main advantage is that, if there is something wrong with the ride, you can get the dealer to repair it before you make the purchase. 

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