On FIFA Ultimate Team, it is all about building the team that’ll help reach your ultimate goals.

One thing that may scare you about FUT is the fact that building a team that comprises of good enough players to help you stay at the top of the brink can be quite expensive.

This shouldn’t deter you from building your ultimate team and thanks to the dedication EA sports have on Ultimate Team as there are quite different streams of earning FIFA coins without you having to break the bank.

Care to know what some of your FIFA coins earning options are?

I know you would and here are 3 of them.
Division Rivals

With your starter team, you can start participating in division rival placements and when you’re done with your first five matches, you’ll be automatically upgraded and then you can play up to 30 matches.

All these will open a new opportunity for you to earn extra rewards and of course, a decent amount of coins will be included in your rewards. 

Squad Building Challenges

Another way you can earn yourself some FUT coins is by participating in SBCs. 

Although, participating in advanced squad building challenges would be that you need to meet certain criteria but if you do, chances are that you can secure yourself decent packs and FUT coins.

To get your hands on some extra coins you can complete the challenges which offers tradable packs and then sell out for some coins.

Trading FIFA Coins

Now, here we come to the trading part of FUT and with this, your earning potentials aren't capped at specific coins. 

There are two methods you can use for trading on the FIFA exchange market; you can either use the buy it now (BIN) feature or use the bidding to trade cards. 

Sniping Method (Buy it Now)

You can go about this by buying cheap cards in the exchange market and resell them at a higher rate.

The idea here is to buy cards at a low price and resell them at higher rates and the differences would mean your trading profit.

The more you make good trades the more FIFA Coins you get. 

Open Bid Method 

This is the second method for trading on the exchange market and here, cards are being sold to the highest bidder.

So, the seller puts his card for sale with a starting price on the FIFA exchange market, and interested buyers are allowed to bid on the cards. As the timer elapses, the highest bidder is cleared for the card purchase.

Summing it up

Although, trading FIFA coins seem to be most rewarding, having to try other means is also worth it.

Depending on your FUT dreams, you might need an incredible amount of coins to stand on your feet and if you are wondering how to accomplish your FUT goals, you should consider trading for FIFA coins in the exchange market. 

Fortunately, you can trade using FUTMillionare Autobuyer and the fascinating thing about this app is that it let you execute FUT trades on Autopilot.