Are you searching for new, effective marketing methods to promote your business? Customized promotional products provide strong client retention and brand loyalty, and they bring more personality and recognition to businesses. A person wearing a t-shirt with your brand’s name will spark interest, intrigue, and potential business for you down the line. 

However, many people tend to forget that designing promotional clothing for your brand isn’t always a straightforward process. It takes a team effort to develop your promotional gear from initial drafts to the final product. You want eye-catching and impactful clothing for your business. The most critical component to any branding promotion is the logo. Are you thinking of revamping yours to put on t-shirts and other products? Too many companies tend to settle for lack-lustre design options. Without an impactful image, your branding can fall by the wayside. 

We’ve compiled a list of four common promotional logo design mistakes that you’ll want to avoid when creating your upcoming merchandise. 

1. Making It Too Busy
Making your logo too ornamental or loud can be distracting and off-putting for some people. A graphic with too many elements, disorganized structure, and too much white space can cause physical eye pain and headaches. It's also distasteful, and many people consider a busy logo design gaudy or tacky. Unless that’s the look you’re going for (maybe your audience pursues that aesthetic), sleekness, clarity, and sophistication are what you should aim for in a promotional design. 

2. Making It Too Bland
While you don’t want to go overboard with promotional clothing design, you don’t want to go too far in other direction, either. Keeping a simple logo is crucial, but it still needs to inspire curiosity. For example, using a readable, large-sized font is critical when designing a logo. And it should comprise more than your company's name typed in an uninteresting font.Are you a graphic designer? If not, another tip is to hire a professional for the task. 

3. Neglecting the Fabric
You want to make that logo pop with colour on high quality custom printed t shirts from a trusted screen-printing company. Without quality fabric, even the best logo design on the planet won’t translate well on a t-shirt. Once you find that company, ordering in bulk is also essential because you can never have enough promotional clothing to give away.

4. Dismissing Your Audience
Whether it’s because they’re trying something new or aren’t in tune with customers’ expectations, sometimes companies unintentionally neglect to tailor promotional messages to their audience. You’re hoping to gain customers with your promotional clothing campaign, but it’s your loyal customers that will be purchasing the first few bathes of orders. They expect the merchandise to look a certain way because they’ve already invested their trust and finances in your brand. Consider your target audience before revamping any logo or creating something brand-new. Not doing so could result in backlash for you and the company from customers.

Designing promotional clothing is an exciting time for any company, but it might be a little more stressful than you imagined. However, with careful planning and creative brainstorming, you’ll have the swagger of your dreams in no time.