Confidence is essential in our daily life; it has an incredibly positive impact on our mental health, career, relationships, and self-image – to name just a few. When we’re confident, we take more risks, we engage more fruitfully with others and have a better grasp of our self-worth.

However, maintaining your confidence is an everyday battle. There will be days where you just don’t feel quite as handsome or funny or accomplished. For those rough slumps, here are a few tips to lift you back up.

1. Give yourself a makeover

Sometimes, all we need is a little change. If you’ve been having a slump in confidence lately, try venturing outside of your usual self-care routine and treating yourself to a changeup. It may be something as simple as a haircut and beard trim – or, alternatively, now might be the perfect time to address something about your appearance that has been bothering you for a while, such as problem skin or stained teeth.

Remember that you needn’t travel far, and that looking after yourself shouldn’t be a burden on your time. If you’re living in Gloucestershire, for instance, then finding a first-rate hairdresser, dermatologist or dentist in Cheltenham has never been easier. 

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself, especially if you’re in a good spot financially. Getting compliments for a fresh new look will boost your confidence like nothing else.

2. Practice a sport or hobby

You can get a great shot of confidence when you get good at a certain activity. Practice and watch your skill slowly develop. Set realistic goals so you can reward yourself for meeting them. An example is if you get into woodworking. Start with basic projects like birdhouses and pencil holders. Move up to larger things like end tables or stools, then furniture like chairs and dining tables. Document your progress so you can look back at how far you’ve come. The skill you’ve built up when practising your favourite sport or hobby is a great reminder that you can accomplish something great. 

3. Remove negativity in your life

The reality is, it’s exhausting to be around people who constantly doubt themselves and walk with a perpetual rain cloud over their head. As much as you want to be a supportive friend, you have to understand that you can’t help someone who refuses to help themselves. You are not your friend’s therapist, and if being around them is dragging down your own mental health, then you have to consider cutting them out for your own sake. 

Express to this person that you are concerned about their general outlook and that their behaviour is affecting you negatively, and that if they want the friendship to continue, they should be more mindful of how their attitude affects others. If needed, recommend somewhere they can get professional help.

4. Embrace your imperfections

Most of the time, what drags us down is the thought of our flaws and misgivings. However, you have to remember that at the end of the day, you’re still human, and no human is perfect. Accept that you will make mistakes and let yourself be okay with that. You can still be critical of yourself, but only to a reasonable degree.

Confidence is more than just looking good. It’s also about feeling good and being true to yourself. Trying to gain confidence by building a façade isn’t sustainable. Work towards loving yourself and confidence will surely follow.