Fireworks are a common presence at a variety of gatherings. Whether you’re ringing in the new year, celebrating Independence Day or simply chilling with friends, fireworks can make a fun addition to the proceedings. However, in the absence of the proper precautions, fireworks can present a number of safety hazards to both you and your guests. 

Failing to take firework safety seriously can result in serious injury – or worse – so whenever fireworks are involved, safety should be foremost on your mind. In the interest of keeping your next celebration free of firework-related mishaps, take care to avoid the following blunders.

Shooting Off Fireworks Under the Influence 

No matter what type of gathering you’re hosting, there’s a good chance that alcohol consumption will be present. As long as your guests drink responsibly and abstain from driving themselves home, the presence of alcohol shouldn’t pose too much of an issue. However, certain things should never be done under the influence, and shooting off fireworks is toward the top of that list. Countless mishaps can stem from lighting fireworks while imbibing, and even if you’ve done it in the past without any consequences, there’s no reason to assume that your lucky streak will continue. 

To nip alcohol-related firework issues in the bud, assign a designated firework-handler. Much like a designated driver, this individual will abstain from drinking and be responsible for securing and lighting any fireworks.  

Lighting Fireworks Indoors 

Although not lighting fireworks indoors should be a no-brainer, some people have no reservations about trying their luck. Needless to say, this is a terrible idea that’s practically guaranteed to result in serious injury and/or considerable property damage. Fireworks are designed to be used outdoors, and shooting them off inside represents some of the worst judgment imaginable. 

This is yet another reason to appoint a designated firework-handler. Since fireworks are often lit indoors as a result of impaired judgment brought about by alcohol consumption, having someone with a clear head can be a boon to everyone’s safety. 

Letting Children Handle Fireworks 

Children and fireworks don’t mix. Of course, this isn’t to say that kids can’t enjoy fireworks, but rather that they should never be allowed to handle them. Even in the hands of certain adults, fireworks can prove dangerous, so keeping them away from your children should be a priority. With this in mind, make a point of keeping any fireworks you have on hand well outside the reach of any children who are present. Additionally, no matter how much kids may beg, you must never allow them to handle or light fireworks.    

Not Keeping Water on Hand 

There are a number of things that can go wrong when fireworks are being shot off, many of which involve fires. By responding to these fires in an expedient fashion, you can effectively stop them from spreading and minimize any damage. However, in order to do this, you’ll need to have a steady source of water on hand. As much, make sure to keep a large bucket of water and/or garden hose within easy reach whenever fireworks are around. You’ll also need to thoroughly douse any used fireworks before proceeding to clean them up. 

Illegally Using Fireworks 

It can sometimes be difficult to ascertain whether fireworks are legal in your locale, especially since so many people openly defy firework laws without suffering any consequences. So, before purchasing fireworks online for your next event, take care to confirm that you’re legally able to do so. 

Lighting Fireworks Multiple Times 

There are a variety of reasons for which fireworks fail to properly go off. While a firework failing to go off as planned can certainly be disappointing, it is imperative that you abstain from relighting fireworks and touching fireworks that have not fully ignited, as doing so stands to put you right in the middle of an explosion. By the same token, avoid placing any part of your body directly over a firework when lighting, and make sure to quickly put a safe distance between yourself and any firework as soon as it’s lit.   

Because fireworks are commonly associated with fun, there’s little wonder as to why so many people view them as toys. While fireworks can elicit feelings of excitement and facilitate good times, they must be handled responsibly in order to prevent a variety of safety hazards. Fortunately, safely shooting off fireworks isn’t nearly as daunting as many people make it look. When it comes to fireworks, a fair amount of safety knowhow and common sense are sure to serve you well.