Is Set Schedule Worth It for Real Estate Agents?

There are a number of services out there which purport to make it easier for real estate agents to do their jobs. When trying to decide on whether to implement a lead generation service, customer relationship management system, or other service, you need to consider your own individual needs and goals for your business. Today, let’s consider whether real estate tech platform Set Schedule is right for you.

What is Set Schedule?

Set Schedule provides a suite of offerings for real estate agencies. Their primary service is their lead-generation service, which is powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their algorithm analyzes reams of real estate market data, such as current home prices, the sales history of houses in a neighborhood, and more, to determine which homes are most likely to go on the market soon, and what their potential value will be. Users can decide which leads to purchase and follow up on based on the goals of their practice.

In addition to that, Set Schedule has a dashboard for tracking your leads, scheduling meetings and calls, viewing your calendar, and communicating with your team. This can make it far easier to manage a real estate agency, whether you are a single agent or a large, bustling team.

Is it Right for You?

In order to decide if you would benefit from an additional avenue of lead generation and practice management, consider your current pain points. Have you had difficulty finding enough leads? Is your market experiencing a high demand for houses, which you are struggling to keep up with? Does it feel like your competition is getting all the good leads? Do you feel like you spend too much time chasing leads and not enough time selling houses? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it may be time to try a new way of generating leads.

What about practice management? How do you feel about your ability to keep track of where you are in relationship to all of your leads? Do you and your colleagues or employees have good communication? Have you had any trouble with leads “falling through the cracks”, or confusion about who was following up with which lead? Are you happy with your current solutions for tracking leads and managing your calendar? Do you do best with an old fashioned paper-based system, or do you prefer to rely on technology to keep you on track?

Be Ready for Whatever the New Year Brings

2021 is on track to be the hottest real estate market in 15 years. You don’t want to be left behind! Now is the time to be ready for whatever the new year brings you. Many markets are dealing with a shortage of housing and a surplus of buyers eager to pay top dollar for a new home. Lead generation is going to be incredibly important, to ensure you have the ability to show a great selection of houses to highly-motivated buyers. It’s up to you whether to generate leads with Set Schedule or to find another solution.