Not many people in Poland fancied about visiting the online casinos before the global pandemic. That was due to the dominance of brick and mortar casinos then. However, at the beginning of 2020, every industry experienced tremendous changes. 

What was the significant change?

The major change was a shift from offline to online services. That was due to lockdown and other health measures by W.H.O, which inhibited the majority of the Polish people from going to public places to seek services.

The physical casino industry in Poland and around the world had to shut down its doors. As a result, virtual casinos had to take over because that was the only remaining option for the lovers of the casino. Since then, more gamblers have loved the virtual casino experience more than the traditional casino experience.

Many people in Poland are still wondering what might have led to the move. However, there are possible reasons that our expert Jacek Michalski will highlight here for us. His experience in online casinos makes him understand most of the casino trends. 

What could be the probable reasons for a major shift to the virtual casino experience

Access to numerous games

Many gamblers from Poland prefer virtual gambling experience to land-based casino experience because it gives them room to choose the games, they like to play from the many options available.

When a player walks to a brick and mortar casino, they will only find a dozen of table games. However, that’s a different case with the virtual casino. Casino sites in Poland such as Vulkan Vegas have hundreds of games which enables their players to enjoy gaming to the fullest.

They use software from different software providers, thus allowing them to provide their users with access to multiple games. Additionally, it allows the gamblers from Poland to access the virtual games by simply scrolling down their smartphones or whichever device they are playing from.

Highly convenient

Gamblers from Poland don’t require a lot of logistics costs to visit the virtual casino. Instead, they can use their savings to access virtual games and enjoy from their comfort

The traditional casino may require them to incur logistics costs and other allied costs such as food. As a result, the gamblers may end up spending a lot just to play the casino games. Therefore, the majority of the gamblers find it easier to play the games from their comfort.

Access to a variety of funding options

When a gambler visits a physical casino, they may run out of money as they continue to play their favourite games. When that happens, they have to take time seeking an alternative source of funding.

However, when playing VR casino games, it's easier to access the alternative digital sources of currency. Furthermore, it does not take a lot of time to access them. They are also reliable, making the gamblers prefer virtual gambling to brick and mortar casinos.

Access to lots of bonuses

When you join a Polish virtual online casino site, you are likely to get a welcoming bonus considering that they may not wish to lose you to their competitors. They will give you a better experience whether you are a beginner or an existing customer.

On the other hand, the brick and mortar casinos do not have to give any of their customers a bonus because they experience little competition. For instance, in a given region, you are likely to find a limited number of brick and mortar casinos. It’s the players who have to scramble for them and not the land casinos.

Ideal for everyone

Due to high operational costs, land-based casinos tend to charge most of their players’ high amounts to enable them to cater for such expenses. As such, other players with meagre earnings have to stay away from them because they can’t afford to play games from there.

On the other hand, the virtual casino in Poland does not have high limits for the players. It means that anyone can stake on their favourite games with minimal amounts and still win. Due to such flexible conditions, gamblers find it better to play top online virtual reality games rather than opting for the traditional casinos.

Regarding the above interesting facts, it’s clear that gamblers have no option other than opting for the virtual casino experience. If you also want the experience, you can consider trying it.