Your air conditioner will not last a lifetime. As rough as it may sound, it is the truth. But the good news is you can always maximize your HVAC system's lifespan by following a few simple DIY techniques. Sometimes you may notice that your air conditioner isn't cooling your room, or it takes too much time to cool it down. Wondering what's wrong? 

It may be the air filters inside that have become so dirty that they cannot pass cold air. Instead of calling professionals, you can fix this issue alone. Here are a few more tips that you can keep in mind to keep your HVAC system clean:

1. Vacuum clean the interiors

It is a big ordeal to disassemble the parts of your AC and clean them one by one. Instead, you can use your vacuum cleaner to clean the interiors quickly. Vacuum cleaning for air conditioners isn't suitable for deep cleaning, but it can indeed remove the dust particles accumulated on the surface. You can follow this up by taking a sponge soaked lightly in a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid to make the surface shine like new.

2. Clean the filters

Filters ensure that you get filtered cold air in your room. But over time, these filters accumulate so much dirt that they can't filter more air. In such cases, you should search for an HVAC supply near me. Go through the air filters available and buy the ones that are compatible with your air conditioner. But first, open the lid of your AC and check the amount of dust on the filters. Will you be able to clean them? If you can, then take the filters out slowly and use a wire brush to rub the loose dirt away. Then, you can use liquid soap and water to clean the rest. Reinstall them once they are dry.

3. Use your air compressor

If you don't feel comfortable using your vacuum cleaner on your AC, you can use an air compressor instead. The advantage is it can clean the internal components with more precision than vacuum cleaners. It can clean areas that are difficult to get it.

4. Clear the drain

This is the easiest way to keep your air conditioner clean. It is best to buy a cap from the nearest hardware store and place it at the end of the air conditioner's drain. Use a vacuum cleaner or air compressor to clean the drain and open the cap once you finish.

5. Cleaning with chemicals

Chemical cleaning is essential when you need to get rid of mold, rust, and toxic gunk away from your AC's internal parts. But for this trick, you need to dismantle the parts and clean them individually. Be sure to check the manual thoroughly to see how to reinstall the parts. If the task is too intimidating, don't hesitate to call a specialist.

Keeping your AC clean improves its life significantly. You should clean it at least twice a year, if not more, to make it work at its optimal condition all the time.