UGears - Mechanical Construction Kits for Adults and Kids

Many children love the tale about Pinocchio. It is a story about a wooden doll that came to life. Could you ever imagine that fairy tales may come true, and wooden toys can really come to life? You should definitely have a look at the model kits UGears. Everyone will be faced with an embarrassment of riches.

Many models are exact copies of real-life objects, and they have moving parts for realness. For example, a motorcycle model weighs only 1.1 lbs. But even with such a small size, it drives! The motorcycle is propelled by a rubber band. The belt stretches and transfers the force to the wheel. And the wide rims let the bike move on a flat surface, and it will ride on its own.

Model Kits

The site contains a wide variety of sets. A customer can assemble a yacht and feel like a real captain plowing the sea. Or you can take on the role of ocean explorer with the UGears Trimaran Merihobus. It is a highly detailed ship model. The set contains 575 pieces to convey every smallest detail of the giant liner. The model is equipped with a lifting hook, with which the bathyscaphe is unloaded from the ship. This bathyscaphe will allow looking into the most remote corners of the ocean depths.

For lovers of the sky and breathtaking flying, UGears has a stunning aircraft model in its range. It is an exact copy of the biplane, the same one that first soared into the air over 100 years ago. The model is fully manageable. Using the levers, it is possible to direct the plane up and down, rotate it around the tower, making it hover like a real biplane. The model is highly detailed and even has a rotating front propeller.

It is impossible to list the entire assortment of the store. Better to see once than read a hundred times. Everyone will be able to appreciate the high-quality and carefully executed models.