Online gambling is an enormous niche spread out all over the planet. Hundreds of thousands of people are employed and directly benefit from the industry. Nevertheless, as much as it spanned across the planet, the industry is still restricted in some areas. At the same time, it is much larger in particular countries compared to the others. 

We will discuss just these massive gambling territories in this specific article. Stay tuned and find out the top three countries where online casinos are legal.  

The United States

The 2018 PASPA annulment has completely changed America's online gambling landscape. It cleared the path for bountiful online sports betting and casino hubs to jump onto the highly opportunistic market and explore it to the fullest. 

Numerous gambling sites, such as Caesars Online Casino, sprang across the country, entering the states that have legalized the activity following the Supreme Court decision. Being one of the richest and the most populous countries in the world, the United States represents heaven for both online casino operators and the players. Moving forward, you will hardly find a country whose citizens utilize the internet and mobile devices to a greater extent. These are the main reasons for the large successes the industry has achieved in the states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

The United Kingdom

Just think of the origin of some of the most popular sportsbooks in the world and you will easily recognize the size of the British online gambling market. Brits love to gamble like nobody else and this specific niche regularly yields more than $16 billion a year for the United Kingdom. With over 100,000 employers in this sector only, the United Kingdom is considered the number one online gambling country on the planet. 

The country did not employ any restrictions in terms of online gambling and its accessibility in specific areas. When you put together the country's high standard, high spending capacity of its citizens, and the popularity of online gambling (all kinds) in general, you can easily understand while the UK is just a perfect environment for online casino operators.  


Speaking of the high standards, we can't but mention Sweden as one of the global leaders in the online gambling industry. Unlike the Brits who do play casino games but still put sports betting at the top of the priorities, the Swedes are crazy slot aficionados. It's not only about the Swedes. Slots are extremely popular across the entire Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Finland), as well as in Western Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France, etc.). Online casinos are restricted in some other European countries however, causing players to often try using VPN software to access them. 

We have highlighted Sweden because of its potential to enlarge the already big online gambling market even further. At the moment, the country has a full monopoly on online gambling there. Nonetheless, Sweden is pressured by the European Commission to open up the market and involve foreign competitors. The government is reluctant to react given how profitable domestic online casinos are, but we have reasons to expect they will eventually pass the legislation to provide legal licenses to international operators as a consequence of potential sanctions from the European Union.