Sports betting has become a hugely popular form of entertainment. And there’s good reason why — the drama of sport makes it perfect for betting on; the unpredictable nature of what could, or couldn’t happen in a game or match, is an enticing one. And there’s so many different elements of the sport to bet on. This includes sporting events. 

People in the US wager an estimated $150 billion USD per year on sporting events, with more and more states legalizing sports betting. This will likely increase these figures and more people begin to bet legally online. And while that $150 billion figures includes all sports; some events are bet on more than others. If you’re looking to get involved in some of the best sporting events to bet on, here are the top 10. 

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl often comes to mind when you think about big sporting events. Almost 100 million people watch it every year, with some mega betting wagers being placed; there was approximately $7 billion USD bet on the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in 2020, with some pretty crazy bets that go one outside the game. That includes everything from the half time show, the coin toss, the national anthem and more, alongside the standard bets you’d expect on who is going to actually win the game and who might take the title, as star player, of MVP. 

Whether you’re into football or not, there’s great entertainment value in this event and a little something for everyone. It’s no wonder so many bets are made on it every single year. 
Of course, all the betting leading up to the big game is just as fun, and we strongly suggest following the season as it goes to get a better idea of which team will win. Check out Doc's Monday Night Football predictions frequently to stay in the know throughout the season.

NBA Finals

Basketball is having a huge boost in popularity over the past few years, and the NBA finals is one of the most bet-on events. Over 20 million people watch each game of the series, with many people placing wagers on who might come out on top. If you don’t feel entirely confident, seek the advice of NBA handicappers, who know exactly what to look for in a good bet. 

Cricket World Cup

Definitely a top-viewed sporting event, the Cricket World Cup attracts more than 1.5 billion viewers. It’s one to tune into if you’re looking to commit to spending some time watching, as cricket games are known to go on for days. 

Kentucky Derby

One of the biggest horse racing events of the year, and great one to bet on, the Kentucky Derby is definitely the go-to betting experience when it comes to horse racing. In fact, globally in 2019 $250 million USD was wagered on the Kentucky Derby — with viewers from around the world tuning in to watch the incredible race. 


There’s been some big fights in recent years that’s gotten people interested in boxing again. Fights that feature the greats like Connor McGregor, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Moneyweather bring tons of viewers to the sport, with many betting on the matches. And while they often don’t last long, there’s huge excitement around and the build up, with many people placing their bets on who might get a knockout and when. 

World Series

When you think of classic American sports, baseball definitely comes to mind. One of the most watched events in the country, the World Series is drawing the attention of people around the globe who are becoming more interested in the sport. It’s an iconic one for bets, and will likely become more popular for wagers as sports betting becomes increasingly more legalised across various states. 

Rugby World Cup

Rugby isn’t considered a popular US sport, but the Rugby World Cup is watched by millions around the globe. In fact, in 2019 more than 850 million people in Japan tuned into watch the sporting event, making it an exciting one to watch for those who love betting and athleticism. 

World Cup

Not many people think about soccer when they think about sporting events watched in the US — but the World Cup manages to attract fans from all over the world, with almost 3.57 billion people viewing the 64 matches in 2018. It was an incredible year for the World Cup with so many people betting – according to some stats, viewers were wagering $136 billion USD across the entire tournament — with $7.2 billion of that on the final match. The next opportunity to bet on World Cup events will be in 2022, when many Americans will be able to bet legally on the event for the first time in its history. 

The Grand National

The Grand National in the UK is another fantastic horse race that draws a lot of interest from betters every year. Attended by royalty and celebrities, its known to be one of the most difficult races in the world, and reportedly draws 500-600 million viewers every year. While not as popular as the Kentucky Derby in the US, The Grand National is definitely another exciting event to tune into if you’re fan of horse racing. 

March Madness

A large-scale tournament for college basketball, March Madness lasts a month with a total of 67 games. Unlike many other countries, college sport draws a huge interest as many of the players go onto become professionals. It’s been estimated by the American Gaming Associations that almost 47 Americans will bet on March Madness, with wagering totalling at $8.5 billion USD. For basketball fans, it’s definitely one of the top sporting events to bet on – and a good place to learn more about who will continue on to become a star player in the NBA.