Our pets are part of the family. We let them sit with us on the couch while we binge-watch Netflix, and we allow them to cuddle up on our beds at night. But let's admit it, we're aware that we will have to forever vacuum our floors and invest in heavy-duty lint rollers.

It's also important to know what type of fabrics will and won't work for your home when you have pets. Some fabrics are better than others when it comes to your furniture. Consider this also when you buy pet furniture especially if you want to buy a comfortable and durable place for your pet to sleep. Read on for the best and worst fabrics to have when pets are part of the family.

Worst Fabrics for Your Home

If you have pets, these are the worst fabrics you can choose for your home.

Suede- A piece of furniture made from suede may be a favorite place for your dog to sleep since this fabric is smooth to the touch. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to clean if your pet leaves fur, dirt, or saliva on or in the fabric. You're not supposed to clean suede with water, so you will have to use white vinegar every time your pet leaves something behind.

Velvet- Velvet may feel luxurious, but it isn't a pet-friendly fabric. Stains from your pet can be very difficult to get rid of. Velvet can also be crushed very easily, so the simple act of cleaning the stains can cause damage to the material.

Silk- Silk is a high-quality fabric that will look great in your home but won't bode well if you have pets. It won't be long before a toenail or claw goes through silk, no matter how careful you are about your pets being on the furniture. Silk also stains very easily, and cleaning this type of fabric can be extremely difficult.

Loosely woven fabrics- Materials that are loosely woven or open are not great for homes with pets. These fabrics include corduroy, knits, and tweed. Toenails and claws can snag the fabric easily, and the open-weave nature of the fabric collects and traps pet hair. If your pet needs a bath and lies on this type of fabric before you get them in the tub, they will likely leave an odor behind.

Linen- Linen is not a solid choice for homes with pets, especially for upholstered furniture. Linen can trap dust and hair, making it that much harder to clean. The claws of your cat or toenails of your dog can also damage the fabric. Over time, it may begin to unravel.

Cotton- Cotton is a relatively inexpensive and comfortable fabric that many people opt for in their homes. However, cotton is a bad choice for pet owners as it can rip easily and absorb water.

Best Fabrics for Your Home

Don't worry, there are still plenty of materials to choose from when you have pets! These are the following fabrics that are great for pet-friendly homes.

Leather- Leather is a very durable fabric that can withstand the wear and tear of energetic animals. Hair can be easily brushed off of leather, and you can also clean stains off quickly. Leather also becomes softer and more comfortable with use, so your pets will enjoy sleeping on the furniture for years if you choose this fabric!

Faux leather- Faux leather is also a great choice if you don't want to purchase real leather. Faux leather is nonabsorbent, meaning pet dander won't embed itself into the fabric, a plus if you have family members with allergies. It's also odor and stain-resistant.

Microfiber- Another great option for pet owners is microfiber. Microfiber is synthetic and soft, and it is a fabric that holds up well when you have rambunctious pets to take care of. Any spills or stains will be easily cleaned if you use a soft, damp cloth. Claw marks from your dog or cat will also be brushed away easily.

Denim- Denim is a tightly-knit fabric that is an excellent choice for homes with animals. Since denim is woven tightly, dog and cat claws will not go through easily.

Vinyl- Vinyl is another pet-friendly option when you need a durable fabric. Vinyl is very easy to maintain and stands up under the wear and tear of pets. If you do choose a vinyl fabric, look for a higher-quality vinyl that won't fade easily.

Pets are wonderful additions to the home, but they can be hard on your furniture if you aren't careful. Consider these fabrics when you want your fur babies to be happy but want your furniture to last, as well.