Smoking has harmful effects on human health, which are not set to tone. According to current research, there is a better way to deal with a nicotine addiction called vaping. Vaping is preferred because;

1. Poisonous substances like nicotine are absent

Depending on the cartridge used, nicotine may be included in vaping. It can also be present in the vaporizer liquids as it is clearly evident nicotine is addictive, it may cause health hazards. They are reduced by vaping.

2. Tar

Vaping does not burn the nicotine completely. These toxic substances can be eliminated as they cause breathing complications. Chemicals produced during the process of smoking are the leading causes of lung cancer and heart diseases.

3. Passive smoking is dangerous compared to vaping

This passive smoking affects the people around you. There is a high possibility of lung cancer in passive smokers, which is 20%-30%. Vaping does not produce this smell as it is odorless. Vaping does not cause yellow stains in the teeth as normal smoking does.

4. No smell in clothes and personal items

These E-cigarettes do not produce any smell; hence no need to worry about the smell on your clothes as they are odorless, as the smell of cigarettes on clothes is quite embarrassing.

According to the statistics, these E-cigarettes don't have the challenges of setting up a fire as the normal cigarettes did. Normal cigarettes resulted in 1,000 casualties and, to some extent, 3,000 injuries that were caused by fire outbreaks. According to statistics, normal cigarettes are responsible for nearly one-third of fire deaths.

5. Vaping helps if you want to stop smoking

Although there are critics on this that vaping has led to the introduction of smoking amongst the youths. As there are many possibilities of trying normal smoking. According to the research done in the United Kingdom it shows that 2.1 million people are vaping to curb their addiction. There is a withdrawal of nicotine that causes addiction, and that's why vaping is considered. Vaping also helps in the maintenance of cleaner environments. It's less smoke technique achieves this.

Vaping is also quite affordable as compared to normal smoking. This is because, in many countries, tobacco products are highly taxed. Electronic vaping is cheaper. If you are a chain smoker, you can save more money on this. Vaping comes with a rechargeable battery for the vape pens. Normal cigarette users will spend more money compared to those who use E-cigarettes. one can also purchase a second hand vapor which is cheaper.

Vaping has a variety of flavors as compared to a normal cigarette that has few. Another important aspect of vaping is that it is a social activity compared to normal smoking. It can be done in any place. It allows smokers to meet new people in meetings normal smokers would not.

It makes your body rejuvenate after you quit smoking. The body gets rid of the carbon monoxide that lowers your body oxygen levels. Through this, it reduces stress and fatigue in a person.

In conclusion, vaping is a good and healthier option if you are a smoker.