The streets, roads, and highways of our country are the most precarious in the world, not to mention the congestion, poor signaling, and stress of drivers who travel through them daily, among other reasons often leading to the occurrence not only of traffic violations, but also criminal charges, called traffic crimes. Therefore, having a criminal defense lawyer in the following traffic crimes will be helpful.

The occurrence of traffic crime provided which are:
Culpable homicide in the direction of a motor vehicle;
Bodily injury in the direction of a motor vehicle;
Leave the driver of the vehicle, at the time of the accident, to provide immediate assistance to the victim, or, being unable to do so directly, for a just cause, fail to request assistance from the public authority;
Remove the driver from the vehicle from the accident site, to escape any criminal or civil liability that may be attributed to him;
Driving a motor vehicle with altered psychomotor capacity due to the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substance that determines dependency;
Violate the suspension or prohibition on obtaining permission or authorization to drive a motor vehicle;
Participate in driving a motor vehicle, on a public road, in a race, dispute, or automobile competition not authorized by the competent authority, creating a situation of risk to the public or private security;
Driving a motor vehicle, on a public road, without the proper Driving or Driving Permit or, even if the right to drive is forfeited, creating a danger of damage;
Allow, entrust or hand over the driving of a motor vehicle to an unqualified person, with a revoked license or with the right to drive suspended, or even to anyone who, due to their state of health, physical or mental, or because of drunkenness, is not in conditions to drive it safely;
To travel at a speed incompatible with safety in the vicinity of schools, hospitals, passenger embarkation and disembarkation stations, narrow streets, or where there is a great deal of movement or concentration of people, creating a danger of damage.

Thus, being served by a criminal defense lawyer at the scene is of paramount importance to guarantee your fundamental rights, we provide all kinds of services in this part, from a simple collision between vehicles, drought, manslaughter, among other crimes related to traffic crimes.

Thus, if you have been arrested in the act of committing an offense, summoned to provide clarification, or have been charged with procedural charges for filing a preliminary defense within 10 days.

Expect the traffic crimes, you will also need a criminal defense lawyer for the following crimes:

Crimes against the person, crimes against property, crimes against immaterial property, crimes against the organization of work, crimes against religious sentiment and respect for the dead, crimes against sexual dignity, crimes against the family, crimes against public safety, crimes against public peace, crimes against public faith, crimes against public administration, crimes against taxation, economics, and consumer relations, crimes of domestic violence, crimes committed by criminal organizations.