Tenacity of Criminal offenses dealt with local representation 
Getting trapped in criminal offenses can be very nerve-racking. It is so because proving one’s testimony is tricky and not so easy. Consequently, such offenses if committed can be followed by varying penalties starting from license confiscation to being jailed and also to the cessation of one’s constitutional rights. Therefore, once you get stuck in the criminal justice system, it is difficult to find your way out of the menace. Every decision that you make during such situations goes a long way in providing you absolute freedom from the shackles of the penalties and also the criminal justice system.

Thus, to play safe you need advocates that can provide you with the best guidance regarding the whereabouts of legal procedures and help you build a strong criminal defense. A. Randolph Hough an esteemed advocate with more than 25 years of direct experience working within the criminal justice system knows exactly how to deal with criminal offenses and possesses brilliant mastery is forming unfathomable defense. For he is perfectly equipped with all spheres of the system thus, he is the perfect guidance that can help you with hands-down expertise.  A few blocks in the vicinity of the Columbia Municipal Court, Attorney   Hough’s precise location is near the Richland Country Courthouse. To serve ourselves better to the residents in the Lowcountry we also have our franchise in the downtown area of Charleston.
As Attorney Hough says “An arrest is not a conviction” hence, to come out of such difficult times you need advocates in whom you can completely confide in. At Randolph, we believe in knowing our client more than just our client. So that there is no complaint of transparency between. This also works wonders while forming points to defend our clients. Thus, in your tough times of legal fuss, contact us so that we can guide you through and can save you from the wrath of the criminal just system by building a concise defense.

Cases we look at
If you go to deal with the criminal justice system without knowing the crux of the cases, then you are unnecessarily indulging deeper into the swamp. These can bring troubles in your working life, financial stability, housing, and even loss of tour constituitional rights.   Thus, to come out clean you need strong paperwork and an ingenious representative. The criminal advocates who can help you with their brilliance in advocacy by sternly competing for you.

Legal troubles can fall on your shoulders from many types of offenses in the Columbia and Charleston areas. But knowledgeable and insightful advocacy from Attorney Hough can definitely bring you out from these troubled times. We deal with offenses like;

Federal Charges
For offenses like drug charges, embezzlement, fraud, and white-collar crime one is tried in the federal courts rather than state courts.  As a prosecutor, Attorney Hough’s sheer advocacy keeps the client in safe hands.

Pardons and Expungements
An expungement dissolves all your criminal charges. However, not all offenses can be subjected to expungements. Such cases can adhere to pardon, which restores your constitutional rights.

Weapon Charges
Theft Crimes 
Domestic Violence 
Drug Crimes
White-collar Crimes
Sex Crimes

Main Offices and Courts 
If you or your loved ones ever find yourselves in such troubles then you must contact us to the earliest. There are certain offices and courts which are within our local justice system. They are -

Columbia Municipal Court 
City of Columbia Police Department 
Charleston Municipal Court 
Charleston Police Department 
South Carolina Department of Corrections 

If you get to us to the earliest we would try our best to provide you with the most constructive and unbreakable assistance. At the Law offices of A.Randolph Hough P.A, our main motive is to negotiate well through advocacy and set you free from the shackles of the criminal justice system. To schedule a meeting with us please call on 803-590-0239.