In the Covid-19 pandemic period, significant changes hit the world's financial system. Extended lockdowns led the people to find more earning ways. The Philippines also faced the same strict time. 

Online trading, especially binary trading, became very popular, and a large number of people participate in it. Massive participation in binary options from the Philippines has raised the question of its legal position. Let's have a look into its legal status.

Binary options trading legal or not?

The Philippines' government does not have strict laws for it, and it makes it a perfect place for binary options trading for users and brokers. However, the government is concerned about keeping the wealth of its citizens safe. For this purpose, the national bank has made proper regulations that facilitate the local brokers and European brokers to perform well in the market.

IQ Option is legally performing in the Philippines, and all its services are legal here. IQ option is leading among brokers where you can start binary options trading confidently. Everyone in the Philippines above 18 can create an account in IQ Options and participate in binary options trading.

Working of Binary Options Trading

Before starting a trade, it looks pretty well to get information about its nature and working. Because if you begin blindly, there are more chances of failure than success. As it is evident from its name, there are only two outcomes, one wins, and the other is a loss. So, if you do not have enough information about it, the risk will be greater.

In binary options trade, the user predicts any asset on his/ her investment. If the prediction comes true, the user wins the trade and gets investment with profit. Conversely, if prediction becomes false, the user losses all the investment in that trade.

IQ Option offers multiple tools and techniques to play in binary options trade for its users. It adds flexibility to the trade and facilitates the user to use the schedule of his/her choice. This type of trade requires active vigilance, as everything depends on your prediction.

How to Start Binary Options Trading?

The first step in starting binary options trade is selecting a suitable and reliable trading platform. IQ Option is a platform with many trading resources and has full access to the market. To find details of IQ Option and qualities of a trustworthy trading platform, users can consult and many other such online platforms that are publishing content regarding online trading options.

After selecting a platform, the user has to create an account to access all the forum's tools and facilities. IQ Option offers plenty of user-friendly material for guidance and practice. Active support for efficient assistance and advice is available at IQ Option. The website provides traders with functional market updates and trading advice to play successfully. It is amicable and suitable for newbies in binary options trading and helps them understand and develop trading strategies.

What Makes IQ Option the Best for Newbies?

As discussed above, the IQ Option is a good platform for new traders with lots of tools and strategies. Another significant facility which makes the IQ Option best is the minimum deposit to access the market and start trading. You need only deposit $10 in your account, and you are ready to participate in binary options trading.

IQ Option provides demo accounts that do not need any deposit but allow you to understand and practice the binary options trade in an almost real atmosphere. So, we highly recommend using demo accounts before jumping into the actual trading field.