When you’re looking to sell your home you need to start by looking at the outside. This may seem peculiar when you’re planning on selling the property but there are several good reasons why the curb appeal must be the first thing you address.


Most people now look at houses on the internet. That means it’s the pictures you or your real estate agent that create the interest. Of course, these can show the stunning kitchen or bathroom you’ve fitted. 

But, these people will then look at the outside pictures. If you haven’t got any they are likely to either turn to Google Earth or get your address and do a drive-by.

Both of these rely on the outside of your home looking attractive.  

In short, if you don’t have curb appeal you’re going to lose a lot of potential buyers.


It’s also worth noting that the more desirable and better presented your home is the higher the value will be. It takes very little effort to tidy the outside and improve the curb appeal, but the rewards are significant.

It can even make a difference to the house you’ll be able to purchase next.

Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to improve the curb appeal and attract the buyers you need.

Speak To The Professionals

The best approach to upgrading curb appeal is to speak to the professionals. In fact, you should speak to a reputable auctioneer Sydney. They are accustomed to selling houses based on pictures and videos, that start with the outside of your home. 

A good auctioneer will give you plenty of tips on how to improve your curb appeal. After all, it will increase their chances of selling your home and create them a commission.


A great starting point is to repaint the house, or clad it. You should also consider repainting the exterior walls and fences. These are often the first thing people see. A fresh coat of paint makes them look inviting. It also tells potential buyers that you look after your home.

Trim The Trees, Hedges, & Grass

Trimming the grass allows people to see you care for your home. Trimming trees, hedges, and bushes means they’ll actually be able to see the house. A well-manicured garden looks good and this sits well with any potential buyer.

Clear the Weeds

Take a good look at your driveway and then clear it. That means eliminating the weeds and anything else you store in it. You want a clean path that takes you directly from the road to a parking spot and then the front door. This is where a buyer’s eyes will be drawn. It needs to look clean, low maintenance, and inviting.


Don’t forget that people may come past at night as well as during the day. Putting a little lighting around the front door and sides of the driveway can make your home look fantastic, even at night. It will make a difference in your ability to sell.