You already have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve, but now you have to deal with a serious problem: how to choose the construction company?

To obtain a result worthy of your expectations and invest your money well, it is important to choose the right company.

Choosing the construction company to entrust with the renovation of your buillding and calculista all is not easy, there are many companies offering this type of service and it cannot be assessed solely and exclusively by price.

How to choose the construction company to renovate your home

It is difficult to find a company when you don't know anyone.

However, you have at least two ways to go. Word of mouth and online research.

1 Word of mouth

When you have to renovate your house, I am sure, you will ask friends and relatives for advice, maybe you will get numbers of craft firms. Before contacting those people you need some information. I say this because sometimes we take our word for it, perhaps to save time by avoiding preliminary checks.

When someone recommends a company to you, always ask them:

How / where did you meet him?

Why do you recommend that company?

Did you entrust him with work?

What was the result?

You need proof, that is, confirmation of the company's seriousness.

Remember without proof you take a great responsibility.

2 The second way is on the internet

Research on the web, another fundamental step.

Arm yourself with patience and visit all the sites of the construction companies in your province, the social pages, and focus in particular on carefully reading the reviews and the portfolios of the companies.

Thanks to the web you can find contacts of companies with good / excellent reviews, ready to 
I always recommend to evaluate at least 3/4 companies, to which to submit an identical metric calculation / specifications. If the estimate is not complete enough but only sketchy ... expect an infinity of surprises.

Below is a short list of concepts, which we will analyze together so that we can make the best possible choice:

Here are some tips on how to choose a construction company to renovate your building:

Don't trust small artisans:

Often to save some money we rely on some craftsman, who, no matter how good and competent in the sector, is not able to manage and control the construction site in every single aspect, and in the worst case scenario does not have the economic strength to lead to finished the job. 

Furthermore, in most cases, small artisans or sole proprietorships will not be able to provide adequate assistance at the end of the work, and any type of intervention will always be postponed to unlikely times or must necessarily be paid for: remember that they are artisans, and if they work in your home they cannot work elsewhere, effectively losing money; every intervention will be made to weigh on you, until they don't even answer the phone anymore.

Be wary of big business.

For all that we have specified in the previous point, one would want to rely on a large company, but also in this case other important problems arise that we report below:

The work will not be entrusted to a single site foreman who will direct the workers, you will find yourself on site a series of unskilled workers who will lead to close the job without the slightest foresight, with the following concept: ".. free goes to finish that job…. ”, which would be YOUR apartment !!

Evaluate the business owner very well.

Once you have identified the 3 or 4 companies to contact, immediately establish contact with the owner, put him to the test immediately: ask him well-targeted questions, ask him concrete problems and try as much as possible to evaluate the quality of the his answers: beware of all-rounders, commercial agents (incompetent who work on a commission basis), all those who minimize the problems you have just exposed, and above all those who are unable to satisfy your requests: we are in 2020, nothing is impossible!