Just Because They Need You Doesn’t Mean You’ll Profit

If you’re running a medical practice, in order to see profit and sustainability over the long run, there’s a delicate balance to be attained. You’ll need to be proactive to see the best results here.

Consultation with groups who specialize in medical practice advertisement and management can be key. In this writing, we’ll briefly explore some best practices to get you started.

Scalability And HIPAA

A medical practice has to have scalability built in. Scalability has to change with your business. There are times when you need to scale out fast, and slow.

For example, if you’re running an OB-GYN clinic in a “boom” town, where the population suddenly doubles, then your demand will increase suddenly, and if you’re going to outpace new competitors, you’ve got to scale out to meet that demand fast. Meanwhile, if you’re in a town that’s contracting, you’ll have to scale “in”.

Either alternative can be expensive and complicated. If you’re going to sustain shifts in the market, you’ll need to make your business flexibly scalable, and especially with medicine, that can be difficult. HIPAA is one reason why. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 describes specific protections as pertain to the personal data of patients.

You need technological management which can deal with HIPAA, even if you’re a relatively small medical institution. Accordingly, starting out, you want to have infrastructure in place to manage things like security and scalability with flexible aplomb.

Debt, Profitability, And Sustainability


In all likelihood, a new practice will begin with a measure of debt. That doesn’t mean your practice isn’t profitable or sustainable; but it does mean you have to financially manage your debt proactively from the start.

A variety of provided services at competitive costs help. Something else that helps is forging solid relationships with insurance companies.

The Digital Element, And Stratifying To Meet Your Specialty

Especially with new practices, you need to be visible to get the proper share of your local market. Traditional advertisements can help, but today’s region of commerce is primarily digital—you want to follow these medical SEO tips and others for best results. Search Engine Optimization is key today.

But you can’t just use any old keyword or marketing paradigm here; you need to conform to digital outreach to match your specific offerings. For example, you wouldn’t want to use verbiage which centers around general medical solutions if you’re a purveyor of elective cosmetic surgery solutions. In that situation, you’d specifically want plastic surgeon marketing.

Working With Similar Medical Businesses For Best Market Share


One of the best things a new medical practice can do is forge strong B2B, or Business To Business, relationships. Say you’re a dentist: you’re going to have a lot of patients who need orthodontic work—that is, the sort of services where braces are attached to the teeth to straighten them out.

Likewise, orthodontists will have to deal with patients who don’t care for their braces properly, and so develop cavities. While many orthodontists offer dentistry services, some practices starting out can’t initially afford to. Meanwhile, your dentistry practice probably doesn’t initially offer orthodontic services. So you send patients to them, and they send patients to you.

In the fullness of time, perhaps your two practices will even merge together. But you get the point: find collateral medical businesses who aren’t competition to you, but have some overlap, and work with them together as a means of legally, effectively, and profitably cornering the market.

Succeeding As A Medical Business

Work with other businesses, maximize your digital footprint through consultation with the right people, design scalability in conjunction with HIPAA and other security regulations, and understand how to handle debt.

There’s a lot of debt to consider, and many complicated issues, as regards medical businesses. Just because you provide a needed service doesn’t mean you’ll be automatically successful. So be strategic here, and don’t be afraid of consultation.