Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people work from home. As a result, there are more offices empty or only partly occupied. And if there are less employees at the office, there is also less surveillance. Consequently, at this very moment it’s even more important to protect your office against burglary and other forms of theft. We offer you help! In this article, we give you 4 tips on how to secure your office in an adequate way.

1. Install an alarm system

Do you want to protect your office against burglary and vandalism? Then make sure to install a professional alarm system like an Ajax alarm system (Dutch: Ajax alarmsysteem). Another example, the Jablotron alarm systems, are able to detect fire, smoke, water, gas, movements and changes in temperature, and consequently send you a notification. This makes you able to act quickly and responsibly. Another benefit: with a Jablotron alarm system you can also control the lights, central heating and garage doors of your office. Handy!

2. Install security cameras

Besides an alarm system, it’s also a good idea to install security cameras. These cameras do not only deter criminals, they are also able to record any suspicious situations/actual incidents. With some security cameras (e.g., Dahua cameras), you are even able to monitor your office at any given time and from any country in the world. 

3. Effective lighting

Another thing that deters criminals is lighting. If the lights in the office are still on, criminals may think someone is inside. Besides that, it can make them feel observed and therefore more vulnerable. You can just leave the lights on, but you can also choose for passive infrared that will be activated when it detects movements in its field of vision. After all, prevention is the best cure! 

4. Special lockers for laptops and other valuables

Many employees find it a hassle to take their laptop and other electronics back home after work. They rather leave it at the office, which makes the laptops an interesting target for burglars. If you want to secure your laptops, you can use a special laptop lock or locker. Preferably work with codes or a virtual key and not with actual keys. 

You’ve probably worked hard for your own company and office and you don’t want anyone to take advantage of that. So make sure to secure your office adequately. It’s better to be safe than sorry!