Sertraline is a drug that is used extensively to cure mental issues. Many people are dealing with mental health problems without knowing the actual reason. Anxiety, depression, panic attack, and hyperventilation are some issues that most of the people deal with every day. 

Sertraline is a dedicated medicine for mental problems as its composition helps to cater all kinds of mental illnesses. However, its intake is not viable without a doctor's consultation. 

It is necessary to see a doctor before taking this medicine as it works to balance brain fluids. There are some rules and conditions that should be kept in mind while using this medicine. 

Things to Consider When Taking this Medicine 

Sertraline is essential for patients who deal with anxiety and panic attacks regularly. However, a patient needs to talk to their doctor regarding their previous health issues. The evaluation of conditions can help a doctor decide; whether this medicine is suitable for you or not. 

Sertraline is extremely dangerous if you take it 14 days before or after blue methylene injection. Sertraline is not appropriate to take with pimozide. 

The health conditions such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart disease, seizure attacks, bipolar disorder, low sodium level in blood must be reported to the doctor. It will help them prescribe this medicine carefully by noticing all other factors. 

Method to Take Sertraline 

Sertraline can show a variety of side effects when a patient takes it without a prescription. Consulting a doctor is essential to avoid any adverse effects from affecting the immunity.

Sertraline comes with a drug manual by the manufacturers as well. It is crucial to read all the information before starting the course to avoid further health complications. Mostly, the doctor recommends taking this medicine at the same time every day. 

Sertraline has no food restrictions; a patient can take it with or without food. It is their choice to choose anything to intake this medicine with.

Side Effects of Sertraline 

Blurred Vision 

Sertraline targets the brain and works to balance the fluid within it. The process can cause interference with other parts of the body. Blurred vision is a common side effect as it can cause an obstruction and a burden on the eyes. 

If you notice such side effects, it is recommended to sleep for a while, which might cure blurred vision. 


Excess of anything can cause severe side effects. One of the extreme side effects of sertraline is a seizure. If an individual intakes sertraline for a more extended period continuously, they can end up having a seizure attack. 

It is essential to have a conversation with your doctor from time to time. Evaluation of the condition is necessary to alter the dosage.  


Sertraline is said to induce headache as this is common with the use of anti-depressant medicines. Any medicine which is new for an individual can cause some reaction within the body. It is essential to ask your doctor about symptoms before intaking to avoid panic. 


Most people have experienced nausea in the first few doses, this is common because your body requires time to get used to a medication. 

History of Sertraline Manufacturers 

Sertraline was introduced in the early 1970s when the knowledge about mental issues was not quite vast. The pioneers of this medicine made an effort to establish firm grounds for research. 

This field's advancement is still progressing with time, and more steps are required to shape certain kinds of medicines.  

The sertraline manufacturers are striving to bring forth good medicinal quality by adopting FDA approved methodologies. The adequate implementation of safety ensures sound quality and effective care. 

The sound operational abilities and the seamless procedure is the sole reason for the manufacturers' achievement. The sertraline manufacturers are transparent regarding their practices and are enthusiastic about delivering sufficient information to the consumer. 

The detailed prescription and user manual contain all the information needed to use the medicine adequately.  

The dedication of manufacturers remains intact since the beginning of their medicinal career. They have developed significant therapeutic centers that have caused them to have seamless operations. 

Currently, sertraline manufacturers are now in line to produce even more effective drugs to cater to the general public's needs accurately.