Work zone signage is put up to alert pedestrians and drivers of work zones, diversions, lane closures, and potential roadway dangers to manage traffic flow and keep both the drivers and the workers safe. It communicates important information on temporary road conditions like road works to alert the drivers to slow down and guide traffic away from the work area.

Work zones are unavoidable in the upgrading and maintenance of roadways. Unfortunately, they result in narrowed roads and changes in traffic patterns, which can create a combination of undesirable factors like injuries, crashes, or even fatalities. The result will be excessive delays and inconveniences. But as much as work zone signage plays a huge role in improving safety, work zone safety is a responsibility of everybody.

Signage can be in the form of trailer-mounted cameras, speed signs, traffic signs, road signs, arrow boards, queue detection, message signs, or microwave technologies. The shapes may vary from diamond or square, rectangle, or triangle-shaped, but all of them will always be fluorescent orange in color with black letters. 

Whether the construction site is large or small, working on a sidewalk, building, or highway, work zone signage is important to avoid confusion and accidents around the site. Signage also informs other people who are not site workers about what is happening around that place to take the appropriate measures for safety. 

Do Work Zone Signs Help to Keep Workers Safe?
Work zone
incidents affect everyone. Besides having vehicles crash and causing fatalities, run overs, falls, and back overs have been the leading cause of death when it comes to the bridge and road construction sector. It is not just the drivers that are put at risk, but the construction workers and the passengers are also at risk.

Federal law entitles every worker to a safe workplace, and this includes construction workers. The employer has a responsibility to keep the workplace free of safety and health hazards that are well known. Having work zone signs put up where construction works are ongoing is one of the protective measures that can be taken to keep the workers safe.

Work zone signs are all colored orange, with letters or symbols written as per the appropriate warning. When motorists see this, they are expected to slow down and follow the guidance provided while staying alert. It is important that the drivers remain aware of the workers, who are generally focused on their tasks without necessarily focusing on the traffic. When the drivers drive cautiously with the workers in mind, the issue of their safety and run overs will not be an issue.

Motorists are expected to comply with the directions of flaggers as they direct traffic through the work area. These have the same authority as a policeman or traffic signs have, and everyone is expected to follow their directions and avoid causing accidents and risking workers in the construction area.

Where Can I Buy Work Zone Signs?

Buy a complete fleet of work zone signage and indicators from WorkSafe Traffic Control Industries that follow the industry standards. Its manufacturing history dates to 1993, and its culture entails manufacturing its signs while observing high-quality standards. Whether your need is for regulatory, warning, or guide signs, each one of the placards is clearly detailed on their website.

The signs and stands are made very sturdy, made of durable and long-lasting metal, but are light enough to be carried and moved around from one place to another. As is common with work zone signage, the Work Safe Traffic Control Industries signage is made of a bright orange color scheme to attract people’s attention. 

Buying work zone signs is the best alternative for those working on long term projects or are permanently settled in the construction industry and will be cost-effective in the long run as opposed to renting. Having your own equipment comes with some level of trustworthiness from potential clients as a demonstration of the ability to deliver. 

Also, there is nothing as good in business as knowing your work tools are in your warehouse and available for immediate use as work and need may arise, without being dependent on someone else through hire, with no guaranteed availability when required. 

Where Can I Rent Work Zone Signs?

Work zone signs tell the motorists when to stop or go when they are expected to stay in their lane and warn them about hazards that they should look out for. Besides cones and delineators, these signs are powerful tools that help keep order on suburban streets and the major highways as well. Their shapes are simple, and they contain few words so that the motorists can easily understand them.

Those in need of the signs on a short-term basis can opt to rent instead of buying. Worksafe Traffic Control Industries has a complete line of work zone signs that are fully compliant. They have a line of rental placards, temporary pavement markings, effective indicators, traffic control devices, portable traffic control rental equipment like barriers that are stabilized by filling them with water, and trailer-mounted traffic signals. Also, there are solutions available for those that wish to hire signage on a long-term basis.

Rates charged by Worksafe Traffic Control Industries are quite competitive and without sacrificing quality or safety. They are members of various industry institutions like Associated General Contractors (AGC), American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), where members are expected to uphold a high standard of products and service delivery.

Benefits of Renting work zone signs 

It helps you forego upfront investment, making it an economical way for you to have the proper signage.
Renting saves you on costs associated with storage and transportation of the signage to the worksite.
Those who are working on a short-term project can avoid long-term commitment.
You can access the state-of-the-art signage that may be too expensive for you to buy.