The Importance of Shipping Management In Global Trade

The shipping industry has an ever-increasing importance in the development of global trade since more than 90% of the world trade is done by sea (According to the International Maritime Organization).

With the advancements in global trade and trading industries, shipping ports are thriving more than ever.The need for professionals in this field has increased exponentially.

Over the past years, degrees such as BSc and MSc in Port and Shipping Management have become a popular career choice for the many candidates who are interested in the global economy and the vital part played by shipping industries in it.

If you graduate with an MSc in shipping management or pursue a higher degree such as MSc in it, you will undoubtedly have a greater chance of receiving higher salaries and a promising career. You will also be able to make your name in the corporate industry.You will have many opportunities, especially with large corporations.

Where To Study Shipping Management?

The best place in the world to study shipping management is Greece. Without a second thought, Greece’s bustling economy and the fact that it is a maritime nation by tradition and that the management of shipping ports and trades has been the most popular form of occupation of the Greeks since ancient times, makes it an exciting and fascinating place to study.

Today, the shipping Industry’s worth in Greece is about $21.9 billion. So if you intend to make a career,and have a future here, be rest assured that it will be a bright one.

Another major reason to pursue your degree here, Is that it is one of the most affordable countries in Europe,not only in terms of tuition fees but also the cost of living here is very moderate.
Aegean College’s shipping Management program

There are several universities in Greece which offer shipping management programs. But you should choose the one which suits all your needs and goals.An institute which ensures that you have an extraordinary learning experience and an even more extraordinary career.

The most recommended name is Aegean College: An institute whose continued commitment to educational excellence is manifested in the fact that their alumni have made their names in the global industry. An institute that embraces creativity, innovation and open-mindedness and whose ultimate goalis to provide the highest possible quality services to its student body.

Aegean College is part of OMIROS Educational Group, a very reputable and dynamic group of educational institutions that have over 65 years of experience in providing high-quality education to its students in Greece. 

Aegean College offers high quality educational programs in collaboration with top universities of The United Kingdom.

The shipping management programs offered at Aegean college will open up a wide spectrum of opportunities for you. The following are some of the main benefits and advantages of pursuing a master's or a bachelor’s degree in shipping management at Aegean college.

You will be equipped with effective  business critical thinking skills.

You will receive business management classes as well as classes on accounting, communication, and finance.

You will become an expert in the field of import and export.

You will gain a very firm understanding of logistics in transport and trade and ship finance maritime regulation.

You will acquire management skills through studies in problem-solving, communication, teamwork, leadership, and presentation.

You will learn to maintain and analyze shipping and receiving records and set shipping schedules.

You will increase the appreciation of different cultures.

Studies of a global industry will provide you with insight into foreign economies and practices.


After graduating from Aegean college you will have numerous opportunities and career options.

You can work in transportation, distribution, or logistics. Graduates are also qualified to serve as shipping analysts.After an MBA in Maritime studies, you will have all the skills required to become a shipping manager. This is an excellent choice of a career. As a shipping manager, you will have to coordinate purchasing, operations, inventory and logistics.You will have to examine the inventory for accuracy and quality before shipping. Duties will also include authenticating the contents of received packages and implementing shipping timetables. You will also have to leadpersonnel as well as material goods, monitor employees, and oversee safety programs.

By pursuing any career in this field, you’ll have the chance to travel all around the world. You will lay the foundation for a reputable career with a respectable salary in a period of huge uncertainty. In other words, opportunities are innumerable and exciting.