Playing online chess is a growing demand amongst parents these days. They want to learn and teach their kids how to play chess. As a parent or teacher, we have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders, we are the ones responsible for what or what not we teach our kids, our influence on our child is undeniably significant. 

Teaching them to play a game like chess will be worthwhile, kids have the tendencies to pick things quickly and this is the right time and age we teach them how to play chess whether on a board or online chess. Individuals will be surprised at the memories they create while teaching their kids, chess. In this article, we have compiled a few tips and tricks that will immensely help parents once they decide to teach their kids chess.  

Teach With A Positive Approach: Unarguably, chess is a fun game that’s the reason we play it, it requires our energy and mind which eventually makes us and kids sharp. Winning the game is not the only way to enjoy the game but the process certainly is. Whether they win or lose let them have fun while learning. 

Patience and Persistence: Some kids might learn the game quickly but it is defiantly okay if some might take some time. Chess is not a piece of cake not even for adults so we should give this space to the kids. Everybody learns chess based on their abilities and smartness. Don’t expect too much from your kids. Chess is like a puzzle, it takes time. So don’t lose patience.  

Make Learning Fun: Kids would certainly enjoy something that is more fun, then something that is plain, bland, and boring. So make it fun. Fun games are it outdoors or indoors, teach a lot of important concepts and basics to the kids. Hence, make chess lessons fun and joyful. 

Set a Regular Time Table for the Game: Setting a regular time table for everything is very important for kids. It will help kids look forward to everything they have and want to do during the day and it will certainly help them in being organized.   

Show Them Chess Related Videos on the Internet: As mentioned earlier, play chess is quite an in-demand these days. There are several videos available on the internet regarding the game which helps kids in comprehending the game and encourages them to play and practice it regularly. These videos are informative as well as entertaining. Visual learning should also be a part of a kid's daily routine, it another rather modern way of teaching. 

In the end, individuals should be excited while teaching their kids this game. Chess is a legacy that goes a long way. Who knows, one day our kids will share their stories about learning chess in their childhood. It’s a respectful game and one should mingle with the players from a young age. It will help them grow as a person and make them an intelligent person.