Although cities are opening all over the world, it still seems like a distant dream to fly by air to another country for a holiday. Perhaps the best thing to do in a situation like this will be a road trip. Travelling inside a country to safe zones will give you some respite from the five months of the lockout, but travel precautions are a must.

Although research on how to deal with the Coronavirus is still ongoing, we know there are some things you can do to save yourself from an imminent infection. 

Plan a Road Trip

Selecting a Destination: Choosing a secure destination is the first step towards remaining safe from the virus. Nation has now recognized safe zones, and you just need to visit those locations. Find out whether accommodations are available in such a venue, and if so, if all the appropriate precautions are in place. You don't want to get into a position where the virus is causing chaos. 
Duration of the Trip: Start by determining how long your road trip will take. This will help you determine how many places to visit are feasible. The optimal amount of time you spend on a road trip depends entirely on where you're going to but is usually suitable for most destinations anywhere from a week to ten days.

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip In a Rental Car

There is no doubt that as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, travel has changed, but what form of transportation is right for you. A rental car may be your best choice for maintaining social distance and ensuring cleanliness throughout your ride. 

Rental car companies prefer to keep vehicles in excellent condition in their storage, which is another bonus if you're concerned that your vehicle may not be on a long haul.

Los Angeles is one of the most popular destinations for a road trip vacation. Whether you stay in LA or looking for a quick escape, and wish to explore a little more in California.

LA is the quick spot from where you can start your road trip and explore the best in California. To make your road trips even more exciting, consider Luxury Car Rental Los Angeles to witness a once in a lifetime experience.

Self Drive Tips - Do's and Don'ts

Sanitization: Wear gloves and use alcohol-based wipes for dashboard cleaning, steering wheel, buckle seat belt, and gear shift, since these are the most touched surfaces in a vehicle. Wipe from left to right, do not wipe twice on the same surface. Then belt all surfaces, including seats, walls, window panes, and wipe. And having your car completely serviced is a smart idea.
Masks: Road trips put you into direct contact with a variety of travellers and locals, calling for some precautions. Pile up on masks. Wear a mask and make sure it is checked every 10 hours during the travel. Bring enough masks along to protect you and those around you.
Route Check: Your guide will be GPS when you're on the route. So make sure you download maps to prevent yourself from being lost in advance, in case there is no cellular coverage. Also, do not rely excessively on the navigation as it can not take into account road forms, erratic traffic conditions, etc. Double-checking the routes with locals is a smart idea.
Safety: Before the trip, make sure you get plenty of sleep, so you're not left tired. It'll also make sure your drive is as safe and effective as possible. Don't hurry in less time to cover more ground, or keep up with the navigation. Knowing your driving limits is essential and driving accordingly.
Extra Precautions: If, at some point in your journey, you find yourself around others, make sure you wear a face mask. Not all public restrooms are locked, but there are plenty. If you are going to a campground, ask in advance if the public toilets are available, and monitor the availability of any stops on the way. You will need to get ready to go to the woods.

Benefits of a Road Trip

1. Convenience: A road trip means you are in charge, as opposed to other ways of travelling. For any cause, you can stop whenever you wish. If you want to check out a new location, or just want to stop at a rest stop, you're completely free to do that. If you come across a beautiful view and want to begin taking photos, eat in an interesting location, buy some nice gifts or souvenirs, or just hang out for a while, go ahead right! There is no time limit other than that which you set for yourself.
2. Discover: You could find hidden spots of natural beauty while travelling. These areas may not have convenient access to larger vehicles, such as buses, and trains can, of course, fly on through. You'll be able to go and explore a pretty new spot in your own car, which will make the road trip unforeseen better as you and your friends found it on their own.
3. Personalization: Just like anything else on the list, here you are in charge of the whole experience. You can have completely free, frank, and fun conversations with friends or family, without having to worry about disrupting or upsetting other people who ride with you, which would be a factor in public transport. You can also watch what you've wanted to see with your mates, listen to the volume of your favourite music mixes, or read a book. Do whatever you want, for they're friends and family.
4. Experience: We all have a relative or friend known for telling the best stories on travel. Neither do they need to be about how they "found themselves" on the route? Usually, the best, most unforgettable tales revolve around amusing experiences with locals or hilarious memories of times when as a traveller, they had to reach their own limits.


One of the best aspects of planning a road trip is selecting places to visit. Maybe you'll get a day full of surf and sun on the beach. Or maybe you are going to spend your day hiking a scenic path in one of the most popular national parks in the world. Wherever you go, it's crucial to prepare your route so you can follow the best practices of cleaning and disinfect throughout your travels.