The overwhelming availability of choices while considering options to purchase a mobility aid, such as a rollator, is sure to surround you with an air of confusion. However, we suggest aids, such as a lightweight folding rollator is one of the best in the market. But there is nothing you need to worry about as we have shortlisted a few famous brands that you can trust. Hopefully, we will be successful in easing your decision on which rollator brands you should choose.

Why choose a rollator?

If you choose to use a mobility aid and are confused about what will be suitable for you, we have it all sorted. We will help you recover from the dilemma you are in by listing the reasons why you should choose a rollator. They being:

It is lightweight, and you do not need lifting it up and down while moving around
A rollator does not require much of an arm strength
The wheels at the edges make it easier to move around
The brakes make it controllable
It comes with a built-in seat that will help if you need to sit or rest often
This mobility aid also serves its purpose on an uneven surface

Now that you are clear why you need a rollator let us browse through a list of brands that we think will be your best choice.

1. Nova

Rollators of this brand are low maintenance and high performing that makes it one of the most affordable choices of the lot. The aids are durable, comfortable, foldable and portable. The best from Nova are -

Vibe 6
Traveler 3 wheel

2. DriveMedical

Drive Rollators are stylish, durable with innovative designs. It is comfortable as well, which might grab your attention. The brand takes pride in models such as:

Four wheel rollator with fold up removable back support
Nitro-Euro style Rollator walker
RTL Nitro-Euro style lightweight aluminium walker Rollator

3. Medline

This rollator brand like others boasts of models that are lightweight, durable and comfortable. The best of this company are:

Heavy Duty Rollator walker
Aluminium Rollator walker
Excel Combo Chair

4. Lumex

Lumex is well known for manufacturing rollators that address various body shapes and sizes. Some of the aids also come in a lightweight variety. The best of the brand are:

Walkabout Steel Rollator
Lumex 3 Wheel
Set N’Go height adjustable Rollator

5. Vive

This brand is famous for its classic make of rollator designs and comfortable handles. The best models of Vive are:

Wheelchair Rollator
Rollator Walker
3 Wheel Rollator

6. Rebotec

Rebotec boasts of its lightweight designs, strong brakes and durable wheels in rollators. The most sought after models of this brand are:

Polo Plus-T
Polo Yano


After looking at the brands as mentioned above, we are hopeful that your decision to purchase the best suitable rollator for you is clear. Although, if you are not satisfied with the suggested brands, you can always go for consulting experts who will be able to provide you with better solutions for your problems.