Cross Numbers AKA Nonogram, Picross, or Paint-By-Numbers, is a fun, challenging, and addicting picture logic puzzle. It’s a grid-based game where your aim is to unleash a hidden pixel image. Depending on the numerical clues provided on the top and left-hand side of the grid, you have to paint and cross the right cells to complete the puzzle. Pretty much like Minesweeper!

Cross Numbers and Their Appeal
People scratch their heads, thinking about why anyone would like puzzles such as Sudoku, Cross Numbers, or Minesweeper. Is it worth spending time determining what goes where only to realize they need to redo the entire thing? Puzzlers observe a lot of fun in doing just that until they find success. No matter how frustrating it is, puzzlers are determined to solving picture puzzles and cracking different levels to gain a sense of satisfaction - that’s the appeal of logic puzzles.

Here’s Why People Love Cross Numbers
Nonograms have been world-famous since the late 1980s. These put your reasoning abilities to the test. And there isn’t just one but several reasons why people love this puzzle. Here are a few of those reasons:

It’s about the journey.
Nonograms truly justify how it’s all about the journey and the moves in between that give you immense joy. It isn’t just about the final destination but in getting things right one by one. 

Details matter.
You’re bound to feel overwhelmed, seeing all the clues and a massive grid. But the skill you develop for paying attention to the details get you going much farther in life. Players cultivate the bigger picture’s understanding while loving the details in between, which results in a rewarding image. 

Puzzles feel relaxing. 
When players get into a regular practice of solving cross numbers, it demands a strong will and patience to take the puzzle from start to end. This gets you in a meditative state while enhancing your concentration and instilling a sense of Zen. This helps you feel relaxed and accept your circumstances. 

These make you happy.
Logically painting the necessary squares on the grid to unleash the result is hugely satisfying. It certainly makes people happy when they’re able to solve such mysteries, because no matter what real life throws at them, at least puzzles don’t disappoint and undoubtedly have a way out! Plus, these drift you away from your anxious thoughts into another world where things certainly make sense. More than anything, you’re on your own, spending quality time while feeling great, which is another level of fascination. 

Competence meets a challenge.
Nonograms help achieve a balance wherein players have a task in hand and are also competent in solving it. This is so much like achieving life goals – you’re confident, yet stressed, and the situation’s unpredictable, but you have to maintain the equilibrium.

Cross Numbers are lighthearted entertainment while being challenging and absorbing. We hope these reasons help you understand why puzzles make people’s hearts beat faster.

We’d encourage everyone to at least try this puzzle once and experience the fun yourself.