It is a weird time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of public places are partly or fully shut down or have to deal with very stringent measures to prevent the virus from spreading. Also cinemas have to cope with strict rules. They need to make sure that visitors keep their 1,5 m distance and that they can’t cross each other while entering or leaving the cinema.

 But for some people, especially for those that belong to the so-called ‘risk-group’, going to the movies is still not an option. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to go to the cinema, why not bring cinema-quality to your home? 

The essentials for building your own home-cinema

Building your own home-cinema is actually not that difficult. You can furnish a seperate room as home-cinema, but you can also make some adjustments to your bed- or living room. You just need to have a few essentials for the real cinema-experience. Read on! 

A streaming service

Video and DVD are outdated, unless you still have a Video- or DVD-recorder - we don’t! Luckily, there are lots of streaming services with the latest movies and some true classics. You can use, for example, Netflix or Disney+. You can already join these services for a few dollars per month and they give your recommendations based on your search history and previously watched movies. Picking out your next movie to watch has never been easier. 

A comfy place to watch

Watching a movie is all about relaxing - unless you choose a horror movie. It is about me-time, a romantic night with your partner or hanging out with your best mates. You probably don’t have any big cinema sofas at your place, but for a good movie-night a nice and comfortable chair is definitely a must-have. So make sure that you have a comfy place to watch, whether it is a couch, a lazy chair or some blankets on the floor. 

Beamer and projection screen

If you have a large TV at home, you can definitely use it for watching movies. But if you want to go for the real cinema-experience, a beamer and projection screen is a necessity. Even if you have a small bed- or living room, you can use a beamer. With a so-called ‘short throw beamer’, you can easily achieve a large projection from a very short distance. So a small living room is no longer an excuse. 

Drinks and snacks

What is watching a movie without popcorn or popping a beer, right? If you are planning on doing a movie-night, make sure you have some real ‘cinema-snacks-and-drinks’ ready. Remember: popcorn and M&Ms are always a good match! 

See, creating your own home-cinema is not that difficult! With these essentials, you don’t have to leave your own living room anymore for a fun night out.