Hi, there, dear friend. Can I assume that your musical career started a few years ago? Do you know what to do? I am sure you have your friends and colleagues to give you advices. That’s perfect. But you need to think about pushing your career forward, not only about music creation. 

What advices can you get about development of your creativity and future? “Just write your music”, they say, “Success will find you”, the say. No! Don’t listen to these advices. They are wrong. Especially if you want to build your career through Spotify. Spotify is completely new world, with another rules, and you need certain strategy to have some success. What can I suggest? The best advice I can give is to buy plays on Spotify. It is a new way of music promotion, that is easy to do for every musician, even without skills. But first we need to understand why exactly plays are so important, how Spotify chooses popular songs, and much more. If you want to find it out, continue reading.

For the beginning, the popularity of Spotify is outrageous. It is hard to comprehend, but almost 100 million people are registered to Spotify, and more than 80 million are active users with paid subscription. The app, created for listener, became true home for every musician out there, of any genre or style. More than 50 thousand artists are already represented on Spotify, make releases, and gain their portion of fame. And you need to be one of them. You have chosen Spotify because it is easy to use, easy to communicate with audience, easy to gait this audience, etc. I know it well. But you are only starting to work on your career. And the first step after uploading your tracks should be its promotion. 

How does it work? Well, promotion is a complex set of actions, that increase the popularity. It is not a secret. But not so many people know, that Spotify calculates the popularity parameter for every song and artist, based on number of plays, number of followers and likes, etc. The main role is played by pays, because the more people listen to the song - the more popular it is. Logic is simple. And when you buy plays on Spotify, you simply increase this parameter, crucial parameter. 

After your song gained certain number of likes, the system interprets it as popular, and starts featuring in popular playlists, top-charts, and user recommendations. People listen to it, share it. This helps generate organic traffic, that is the most effective in promotion. The promotion, done by Spotify, is the best promotion you can get, and buying plays is the shortest and most affordable way to get it.