Laser engraving is a practical technology to make permanent designs on different materials such as wood, plastic, metal, stones etc. The Engraving People are company which can engrave on a variety materials.

Right from engraving the logos of the company to making personalized marks, there is a lot which can be done with a laser machine. Wood is loved by novices because of its accessibility and versatility.

Laser engraving on wood happens just like the other materials. A laser beam is passed on the wood which heats it and then it vaporizes. In the end, you get a smooth, tidy and great engraving which cannot be obtained by any other equipment.  

As wood is a natural material, there may be several inconsistencies which lead to a problem while engraving. Luckily, once you know about it and explore the right power setting along with speed for different wood types, you will get the perfect engravings for you. Wood being a highly adaptable material makes it easier for you to cut and engrave, but it has several shapes, sizes and varieties.

In order to obtain best results, you should know about how to focus the lens. For example you can get a white engraving not a brownish one by changing the setting of the laser. The result depends on the setting of your laser engraver and kind of wood you are using it on. Other major considerations include material preparation, surface cleaning and selection of the right optics.

How to select the right wood for laser engraving?
The kind of wood you want to cut is of grave importance when engraving on wood. For example, a bamboo cutting board will not engrave in the way an oak barrel does. Usually, you should pick softwoods like western red cedar, balsa, redwood and southern pine to engrave. They will yield higher and quicker results. Hardwoods like snakewood, dense wood will need more laser power for engraving. They will give dark engravings.

The laser engraving machine for woods is CO2 lasers. They can handle all kinds of woods but there are other machines too that have the capability to cut and engrave wood. For industrial machines that can engrave on hard materials like stone and metal wood is an easy piece of cake.

Do you need sappy or dry wood?
Along with the kind of wood being used, the resin content is also of great importance when choosing the right wood for laser engraving. Wood burns light or dark as per its resin content. 

Woods with low sap leaves a low burn. If the sap content is high, the laser will make a deeper and darker burn. So, if you are thinking of which kind of wood you should go for then cherry and alder top are the best for you as they have a great level of streaking and yield excellent results.

With laser engraving on wood, you can design amazing pieces. The pieces may include jewelry boxes, key holders, cabinet in-lays, phone case, cutting board, decks, musical instrument and so much more. Laser engraving is very impressive and simple to achieve.