Shane Lee Yaw, referred to expertly as Shane Dawson, is an American You Tuber, on-screen character, author, chief, and performer. He was one of the primary individuals to ascend to acclaim on video-sharing site YouTube.

Dawson's notoriety has earned him an expected total assets of around $12 million, just as a book, a digital recording, and various TV and film appearances. Was born in July 19, 1988. He turns his passion into his profit.
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His total net worth is not just he earns from YouTube. But there is a side business of merchandise which makes his net worth on that level. Probably this needs a popularity level which he obtain from YouTube already. His merchandise collection is as follows:

Shane Dawson Merchandise Collection:

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Phone case:
Being a social animal, man has to use and keep his mobile like his organ.
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Face masks:
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