BIN stands for Bank Identification Number. On a debit or a credit card, it refers to the first six digits printed out on its surface. The numbers enable users to know the publisher of the credit card. It is also functioned as the bank code on the card.

Well, you may think that if you are being a customer of a bank, you must know what bank that publishes the card it is. Additionally, the bank name must also be printed also on the debit or credit card. Sure, the BIN number is more than that. It is more to identify the bank during the payment system. It determines the type of your card (debit or credit), the level of premium card (Electron, Classic, Silver, Gold, and more), the country, or in what organization the card has been published.

In some cases, you may have problems with your banking cards. Besides, it is also important to know detailed information about the card. So, does it mean that you must go to the bank to check it? it is possible but currently, there is a simpler method you can do. It is by visiting a BIN checker website.
One of the most recommended sites that provide this service is Free BIN Checker. There are some benefits to get by using this website to check your BIN. What are they?

Fast and Easy
On Free BIN Checker, there is a bar where you can type down the BIN number. You must wait for some seconds before further information about your card appears. The details of information are about the bank issuer’s information, the card bank, and various attributes of the card.

If you want to know the expired date of the card, it is possible to know about it faster. Therefore, you can contact your bank before it happens. The data found from the checker are also new. It has been updated around 7 hours before you start to check it.

Safe and Secure
It is reasonable if you may not want to spill any information about your credit or debit card. Undeniably, it must be a secret. So many criminal actions are out there and that’s why you need to be very aware and careful. It is true also that you should not type down your card number, including BIN on any site.

But Free BIN Checker has been guaranteed to be safe and secure. The data appearing is basically general data that must be known to help you use the card more effectively. You should not worry since your personal data are still kept well.

If you find difficulties in getting your own card data, Free BIN Checker offers you an alternative to make it work. For example, it is by submitting the entire number. Although the entire number is also related to your personal data, the information appearing is still the specific data about publishers or companies, and countries. Make sure to check the internet connection first before starting to do it. So, are you interested in using this BIN checker service?