Ever dreamt of making a fortune in a casino? Hold off on the juice! Don't even try to place a few euro bet unless you read about tricks casinos use to twist gamblers round finger in 2020. Read more before it's too late!

Today, casino players face a lot of temptations. The number of gaming establishments is only increasing. Along with the advent of new gambling houses, the casino industry never stands still. Ground-based casinos, as well as online operators, are continually developing new ways to attract potential customers. However, the most important are the techniques and methods of keeping the client in the game for as long as possible.

The bulk of online casino strategies are based on behavioural factors. The point is that gambling is a risk that can give an unforgettable experience. Casinos try to make every effort to force you to play as long as possible and, accordingly, spend as much money as possible. Therefore, it is vital to know what methods game brands use and remember about the responsible gaming issue.

A feeling of a close victory

Although online casinos offering same-day-withdrawal option use advanced RNG software, this does not guarantee that you will always win. Everything looks exactly the opposite. For example, playing on slot machines, you can gradually win and feel the approach of a resounding victory. What’s more, you will suffer minor losses from time to time. In this case, the player is very likely to decide to win back the lost money and leave the game with a slight plus. After a series of such misses, you will feel that a massive jackpot is nearby, and you definitely need to grab it.

A wide variety of bonuses and promo offers

Before crossing the threshold of a land-based casino or registering on the online operator’s website, many players spend hours in front of a PC monitor to find the most profitable bonuses or welcome gifts. Online casinos can simply fill a potential client with unique rewards for registration. At first glance, some of them may offer you free spins, or even cash back for reloading an account.

The real fun begins when you place bets with bonus money and continuously win. In such cases, some casinos offer players to feel the courage from the game. However, often online casinos abuse such tricks to mislead the player as they let you win with bonus cash only.

Bright lights and enticing music

If it involves land-based casinos, you can quickly notice many flashing lights of bright colour at the entrance. In most cases, you will also hear hypnotic music, which almost unobtrusively invites you to try your luck even for a small amount. Remember once, and for all that, visual and sound factors are never a random choice in a casino. In fact, everything is done in such a way as to attract a player at a subconscious level to make a couple of bets in the casino.

Lack of windows and clocks

If you have already visited ground-based gaming establishments, you most likely noticed that casinos are always designed so that the player does not see windows or clocks on the wall. In other words, the operators are trying to remove the feeling of time so that the gambler cannot realize how quickly or slowly, time can pass and thereby will not hurry up to leave. In the lack of a sense of time, it is challenging for the client to understand how much time has already been spent in the casino, and maybe it is high time to stop.

Free alcoholic drinks and other perks

Sometimes casinos also offer free alcoholic drinks to players at the table. The thing is that the casino industry is also including excellent service. These guys know exactly how to serve the customer at the highest level:

Alcohol etc.

Besides, many players are not averse to relaxing and drinking a few glasses of whiskey while the dealer makes another distribution. However, alcohol can almost instantly slow down all thought processes. Thus, you will probably have even fewer chances to make informed decisions and finish the game on time.

An incredible variety of gambling options

Perhaps you have already encountered a situation where you wanted to spend only a couple of hours in an online casino. Still, you stayed there for a whole day. Most often, this happens because operators offer an incredible variety of gambling options. For example, if you are unlucky at online roulette, hundreds of slot machines or games with a live dealer await you. This is another trick that internet casinos use to keep players active. Besides, if a site determines the game that you liked the most, the casino will automatically offer you similar games to support your interest.

You spend chips, not real money

One of the most successful casino tricks is to replace money with chips. In absolutely all gaming establishments, the player will need to exchange real money for plastic chips or unique game coins before setting off on an exciting journey. This is done so that the gambler won’t realize the actual money waste. When making bets with the help of chips, you cease to associate them with real money, and you are not particularly upset about their loss.

The bottom line

For years, casinos have existed globally. Like it or not, but they have learned to understand the psychology of players. They have developed an enormous number of techniques to keep the client. Therefore, it is worth initially following that gaming establishments are aimed at devastating your budget to the maximum.