Every trader would have gone through their own shares of ups and down while trading with Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies. Since this is one of the latest form of investments and trading systems the chances and possibilities of making errors are higher. 

Although there are several materials, books, articles, and technical papers related to the blockchain technology the complete pattern and the trading secret is still unknown. This is one of the trading systems over everything is extremely transparent and volatile at the same moment. 

Therefore it is extremely important to be careful at all times and avoid as many errors as possible. This article focuses on all the mistakes that can be avoided when you are trading using the cryptocurrency or the blockchain technology.

1. Using hard cash instead of paper trading

Most of the clients would get carried away when the first take a look at the Bitcoin investment and the model. They would start spending the cash they would have accumulated instead of trying to use system based paper trading. 

If you want to become a professional trader, using the system based trading and paper based trading is one of the key things to be followed. When you follow the paper trading system there are certain guidelines that would help you to invest appropriately and you can later start using the money and that is the Golden Profit.

2. Trading mindlessly

This syndrome is commonly found in almost all the beginner traders. Instead of trying to put their feet into the trading sector as a professional they would try to start working with their emotions. They fail to understand that loss is a part of trading. 

Spending hours together in order to make lot of profit on the same day is only going to result in more losses instead of gaining. This is yet another mistake that should be avoided from every professional trader.

3. Always remember to maintain a balance

Every professional trader would always have a minimum balance in their account. They would never go off board and start trading everything that they have because they understand the in-depth of trading and apply these strategies really well.

4. Forgetting to maintain a journal

Although there are several reports that can be downloaded directly from the blockchain technology it becomes your responsibility to maintain your personal journal of trading. Making entries on these journals will help you to analyze everything in depth and you will also be able to pinpoint the mistakes that you have done and start correcting them.

5. Taking unnecessary risks

A lot of traders tend to spend more than they can afford to. Using the cryptocurrency it is possible to multiply your asset quickly but spending mindlessly is only going to ruin your trading skills. One should never go on in emotional spree and spend on the cryptocurrencies mindlessly. When you start doing this, you're more likely to lose everything that you have gained.

6. Trying to mimic the strategies

Speaking and exchanging knowledge about the cryptocurrency and blockchain Technology is worthwhile with others. However, trying to implement the same strategies as your friends or relatives may not work for you because it is recommended that every trader should use their own intelligence in order to multiply their assets. 

7. It takes money to make money

Most of the novice traders would be under the impression that they would be able to make a lot of money overnight using the Bitcoins. This is certainly not going to work. Also if you're planning to quit your regular job in start trading as a full time profession you must plan accordingly and then take a step. 

Trading is a different ballgame altogether and you must be completely aware of the risks that are involved when it comes to the Bitcoin tradin