The celebration of occasions is the best part of our life. These are the best moments of our life that provides oxygen in a monotonous life. The celebration of occasions has a beautiful essence of relationship with our beloved ones. And this bond gets stronger with the specific gifts for occasions. Now, different countries have different courtesies and etiquettes of gifts. Some gifts are associated with culture; some are associated with the climates. But, if you are looking for varieties, then it is best to search in the European countries. Here is a list of perfect online gifts for European countries.

1. Wine Gift Box for France
France is the place of culture and a land of the magical essence of unabashed love. This is the romantic couple’s dream vacation place- Paris. Someone residing there; lives life in the most romantic way possible. For them, wine gift boxes will be perfect. Wines have divine varieties based on color, brand, tannin, and many more. Choose the ones that are your beloved’s favorite and put them in a gift box with an exclusive Online Wine Delivery to France message. Such a gift will be the best surprise for the person according to the occasion.

2. German Silvaner Wine
An ancient grape in the Südtirol-Alto Adige region of northern Italy is the origin of this wine, but it is an immigrant of Austria, Germany, Alsace, and finally to France. It is the most ancient cultivated grapes and in Germany, it is the second most grown grapes. Silvaner is an average of 50-60 years of age. It grows in limestone and clay, perfect for the Franklin grape yard. Someone fond of white wine will love this minerality rich, mild aromatic little acidic wine. With cooked vegetables like asparagus and artichokes, this makes the perfect pair.
3. Yummy France Chocolate
Chocolate has an integral relationship with Europe. From Charlie and the chocolate factory to cloudy and the meatballs- the motherland of various delicious chocolate is Europe. France again is the place where the chocolate is mouth melting. It has a unique aroma that makes it irresistible for anyone who has tasted it once. Cazenave on rue du Port-Neuf is the perfect place for enjoying the mouth-wateringly delicious chocolate Mousseaux. It is a perfect blend of dark chocolate and cinnamon and other chocolates. You can order chocolates online Germany.
4. German Chocolate
If you are looking for a German chocolate box, then you must be curious to be inside the gift box. It is full of varieties of truffles and pretzels. There are Chiemgauer-Kirsch, The Bier TrüffelPraliné, Calvadosflüssig. andSahne-TrüffelErdbear. These are world-famous chocolates. The best part of imported international chocolate is filled with different kinds of chocolate shops. 
5. East German Specialty Basket
This is a huge basket filled with gifts for your beloved. Usually, it is an amazing family gift choice. It contains many different chocolates treats like Robust Oval Wicker Basket, Little Red Riding Hood Sparkling Wine 0.75L 11.5% Vol, Rondo Melange Ground Coffee, Original Mühlhäuser Strawberry Jam, HarzerWurzfleisch (Ragout Fin), Bautz`Ner Mustard Medium Hot, Halberstadt Spreadable Liver Sausage, Original Halloren Balls - Cream Cocoa, Wikana Butter Cookies and many more. But there is one rule to be strictly followed. As the gift basket contains alcohol, the person needs to be 18 above to collect the gift basket from the deliverer.    

6. French Duo Wine Gift Box
This is a perfect gift for someone who is badly in the mood of a celebration but is not being able to party outside. The French Duo wine gift box includes two different tastes of wine. One includes Nicolas Pinot Noir red wine with the classiest charm. And the other one is Augey White Bordeaux wine-the the citric pleasure. Now you can customize the basket with the choice of your wines, but the combination has to be one red and one white wine. Along with it come the chocolate varieties including dark chocolates, ChocolatClassique French truffles; Made Chocolates dark chocolate pastilles; Salted caramel pretzel bites, and many more.  
7. Belgian German Chocolate Tower
A chocolate tower is the one that contains several chocolates.  Now the tower can be homogenous- made of one kind of German chocolate or it can be heterogeneous means it would be made of varieties of Belgian German chocolates. Now the choice is completely yours. There are online sites that provide the option of customization. Otherwise, this standard gift includes one Porne each of Port-Royal Tin Box Grand Place Assorted Chocolates, Port-Royal Box Napolitains 5 Flavors, Port-Royal Tablet Milk Chocolate Caramel Nibs, Port-Royal Tablet Dark 52% and Port-Royal Mini Ballotin.
Above are the best ways to send gifts to someone who is a resident of India. The one on the receiver end would love to receive such flowers as gifts in Europe.